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GNSS Solutions


“GNSS Solutions” is a regular column featuring questions and answers about technical aspects of GNSS.

Readers are invited to send their questions to columnist Mark Petovello, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. He will find experts to answer those questions, which will be published in Inside GNSS.

Dr. Petovello is a professor at the university. He has been actively involved in many aspects of positioning and navigation since 1997.

He is a member of the Position, Location And Navigation (PLAN)
research group where he conducts research using Global Navigation
Satellite Systems (GNSS), software receivers, inertial navigation
systems (INS) and other multi-sensor systems.


January/February 2018

What is navigation message authentication?

November/December 2017

Do modern multi-frequency civil receivers eliminate the ionospheric effect?

September/October 2017

How do you use GNSS to compute the attitude of an object?

July/August 2017

How is Public Safety reliant on GNSS and is this a concern?

March/April 2017

Would you prefer to have more signals or more satellites?

January/February 2017

Is it possible to build a low-cost system to detect and locate a single GNSS jammer in near-real time?

November/December 2016

Challenges of Ray-Tracing for GNSS Applications

September/October 2016

Are there low-cost and low-weight options for GNSS IF storage?

July/August 2016

How does one compute the noise power to simulate real and complex GNSS signals?

March/April 2016

What are the fundamentals of an effective GNSS test plan?

January/February 2016

What is Doppler collision and is it a problem in GNSS?

November/December 2015

How Important Is It to Synchronize the Code and Phase Measurements of a GNSS Receiver?

July/August 2015

Can you list all the properties of the carrier-smoothing filter?

May/June 2015

Are there special considerations for dealing with raw GNSS data?

March/April 2015

How does a GNSS receiver estimate velocity?

January/February 2015

Why are carrier phase ambiguities integer?

November/December 2014

What are the actual performances of GNSS positioning using smartphone technology?

September/October 2014

How do you trust centimeter level accuracy positioning?

July/August 2014

GNSS Position Estimates

May/June 2014

How do you compute a relative position using GNSS?

January/February 2014

Ionospheric Scintillation

November/December 2013

Multipath vs. NLOS signals

September/October 2013

Network Real Time Kinematic GPS

July/August 2013

Receiver Architecture

May/June 2013

Calculating Time Offsets

March/April 2013

GNSS Filtering Options

January/February 2013

Markets and Multi-Frequency GNSS

November/December 2012

Non-Gaussian Noises

September/October 2012

Vector Delay Lock Loops

July/August 2012

Single- versus Dual-Frequency Precise Point Positioning

May/June 2012

How do GNSS-derived heights differ from other height systems?

May/June 2012

Figure 3: How do GNSS-derived heights differ from other height systems?

March/April 2012

Coarse Time Positioning

January/February 2012

Code Tracking and Pseudoranges

November/December 2011

Network RTK and Reference Station Configuration

September/October 2011

The Differences in Differencing

July/August 2011

What is a virtual reference station and how does it work?

May/June 2011

How do you compute relative position using GNSS?

March/April 2011

GNSS Receiver Clocks

January/February 2011

Differences between Signal Acquisition and Tracking

November/December 2010

Measuring GNSS Signal Strength

September 2010

A Fully Digital Model for Kalman Filters

July/August 2010

Generating Carrier Phase Measurements

June 2010

The Math of Ambiguity

March/April 2010

How Is Solar Activity Predicted and How Can Predictions Be Used With GNSS?

January/February 2010

Are Carrier-to-Noise Algorithms Equivalent in All Situations?

November/December 2009

Why is it so difficult to launch a spaceborne GNSS receiver?

September/October 2009

What about Carrier-to-Noise Density and AI for INS/GPS Integration?

July/August 2009

What is GNSS repeater-based positioning and how is it different from using pseudolites?

May/June 2009

What About Vector Tracking Loops?

March/April 2009

GLONASS Ambiguity Resolution

January/February 2009

What about GPS jamming and maritime safety, and linear carrier phase combinations?

November/December 2008

Satellite Almanac Life Expectancy

September/October 2008

Quantifying the performance of navigation systems and standards for assisted-GNSS

July/August 2008

Real-time Kinematic with Multiple Reference Stations

May/June 2008

What about WAAS Functions and Differential Biases?

March/April 2008

Mathematical Models and GNSS Interference

January/February 2008

MEMS and Platform Orientation & Deep Integration of GNSS/Inertial Systems

November/December 2007

Galileo Open Service and Weak Signal Acquisition

September/October 2007

eLoran and Signal Reception Under Snow

July/August 2007

Backing Up GNSS with Laser Radar & INS, RAIM in the City, Antenna Phase Wind-Up

May/June 2007

Host-Based Processing and Choosing Inertial Sensors

March/April 2007

Signal Acquisition and Search, and Antenna Polarization

January/February 2007

Weighting GNSS Observations and Variations of GNSS/INS Integration

November/December 2006

Precise Point Positioning and Its Challenges, Aided-GNSS and Signal Tracking

October 2006

A New Version of the RTCM SC-106 Standard, the Probability of Solving Integer Ambiguities

September 2006

Atomic Clocks on Satellites and Mitigating Multipath

July/August 2006

Orbital Precession, Optimal Dual-Frequency Techniques, and Galileo Receivers

May/June 2006

New GNSS Frequencies, Advantages of M-Code, and the Benefits of a Solitary Galileo Satellite

April 2006

Adaptive Antenna Arrays, Multi-GNSS Tropospheric Monitoring, and High-Dynamic Receivers

March 2006

Carrier Phase Ambiguity Resolution, GNSS Use In Cellular Telephone Systems, and New Antennas?

January/February 2006

Reference Systems, UTC Leap Second, and L2C Receivers?

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