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May/June 2009

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Cover Story

Synthetic Aperture GPS Signal Processing

Concept and Feasibility Demonstration

In addition to positioning, navigation and timing, GPS turns out to be
a useful sensor for studies of the Earth’s atmosphere. Synthetically
generated, phased-array antennas can process GPS signals to create
large antenna apertures. The resulting narrow-beam generation
capabilities mitigate interference and jamming and produce
high-resolution radar images — which could lead to interesting civil
and military applications.

Technical Article

First Look

Observing the GPS L5 Test Transmission from SVN49 Using Software Radio Processing

The test signal from SVN49, the latest Block IIR-M GPS satellite, has
different characteristics than the operational L5 signal
specifications. A group of Ohio University researchers discovered the
discrepancies when they tracked the new L5 signal using a commercial
antenna and a modified software GPS receiver of their own design.

Technical Article

Modernization Milestone

Observing the First GPS Satellite with an L5 Payload

Leading GNSS researchers present the initial results of their observations of the new (and long-awaited) GPS L5 signal that began transmitting on April 10.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

Architecture for a Future C-Band/L-Band GNSS

Part I: C-Band Services, Space and Ground Segments, Overall Performance

The first of a two-part series that will examine the potential for transmitting GNSS signals in the C-band portion of the radio frequency spectrum. The series will cover C-band services and the effects on a GNSS constellation, space and ground segment, and C-band signal design and user equipment.

Thinking Aloud

Inflection Points

GNSS providers continue to exhibit nationalist tendencies

Defining who we are by sketching the shadows of strangers is often easier than filling in the outline of our own qualities and aspirations on which to build the basis of mutual interests.

GNSS Solutions

What About Vector Tracking Loops?

You ask - they answer. Mark Petovello of the University of Calgary finds the experts who can solve your GNSS mysteries, questions, and conundrums.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform.

GPS Surveillance, Backup Blues, GNSS for Africa, Pay to Play in Russia, Indian GNSS, and a Mixed Bag for L5…

News Updates

Galileo and the European Commission: Buying and Building a GNSS

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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