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Mobile Resource Management System Suppliers

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The 2005-06 Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study includes a table listing the largest U.S. Mobile Resource Management System suppliers, and also shows each supplier’s subscriber growth since early 2003. The 291 page report also provides profiles of over 160 suppliers of mobile resource management systems and services, including target markets, unique features, installed base, and system pricing. Among the most noteworthy companies are:

QUALCOMM, the largest U.S. supplier of Mobile Resource Management Systems provides tracking and wireless data communications service for about 417,500 mobile units.  Nearly seventy-five percent of QUALCOMM’s MRM installed base is equipped with the company’s OmniTRACS fleet management system, which is widely used in the long haul trucking industry. QUALCOMM is also a leading supplier of trailer monitoring systems and systems for monitoring the location and status and heavy equipment.

@Road is the largest MRM supplier to the local fleet market. The company provides service to approximately 150,000 fleet vehicles. Following its acquisition of UK-based Vidus in 2005, @Road has expanded its applications to include field force management.  

PeopleNet Communications, a major trucking-sector MRM supplier, has grown significantly in recent years. Since early 2003, the company’s installed base has more than doubled, from an estimated 25,000 units to 55,000 units.

Teletrac has expanded its subscriber base to over 45,000 units in the local fleet market, and contributes fifty percent or more of parent company TrafficMaster’s revenues and profits. They are reported to be adding sales and marketing staff in hopes of further increasing market penetration.

TeleNav, with an installed base in excess of 40,000 units, is the largest supplier of cell phone based navigation services and one of the largest handset-based MRM service providers. TeleNav’s applications are sold and invoiced by Nextel, which has contributed significantly to the company’s subscriber growth.

SkyBitz is one of the fastest growing suppliers in the trailer-monitoring sector. The company’s installed base has grown from an estimated 5,000 units in early 2003 to more than 60,000 units today.

From The 2005-06 Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study

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