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Navman Jupiter 32 GPS Chip

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Navman offers the Jupiter 32, an autonomous 20-channel GPS module capable of delivering tracking capabilities reportedly better than –159 decibels per milliwatt. The unit, an update of the company’s Jupiter 30, combines a SiRF GSC3 GPS chipset with a radio-frequency frontend optimized with proprietary filtering, multipath mitigation, jammer elimination, and dynamic search control for severe environments. It measures 15.0 × 17.0 × 2.7 millimeters, weighs 2.0 grams, and achieves horizontal position accuracies of 2.2 meters (circular error probable). Other key features include 200,000 correlators for enhancing acquisition in weak signal conditions; a 50-milliamp average power draw; a 1-pulse-per-second output; and time-to-first-fix performance of 0.5 seconds (hot start), 32 seconds (warm start), and 34 seconds (cold start). Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, Foothill Ranch, California USA.

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