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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 3, Number 5

July/August 2008

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Cover Story

AGNSS Standardization

The Path to Success in Location-Based Services

Growing the demand for mass-market LBS applications will require more signal resources incorporated into common data formats and message protocols - in a word: standardization.

Technical Article


Testing Your Way Out of a GPS Jam

Real-world scenarios put together by the U.S. Defense Department's lead GPS test organization help active military, defense contractors, and civil agencies test their equipment against the growing threat of unwanted interference.

Technical Article

Seamless Navigation

Through GPS Outages - A Low-Cost Solution

Seamless, continuous navigation capability keeps getting closer. Many efforts use inertial technology to compensate when GPS signals are blocked. An Australian team describe their progress in creating a low-cost FPGA-based sensor-fusion unit built on an embedded processor.

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

Lost in the Noise: The Need for Longterm Infrastructure Development

From time to time, the words in the column title have  been a metaphor for the U.S. GPS program, and could end up as a permanent description of the state of our national public infrastructure - deferred maintenance.

GNSS Solutions

Real-time Kinematic with Multiple Reference Stations

What is multiple reference station RTK and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Human Engineering

Ron Beard: The Measure of Time

The Naval Research Lab's GPS clock master Ron Beard dwells in the realm of the nanosecond. That's one billionth of a second, a virtually incomprehensible unit of time even for geeks. But the seamless operation of our cell phones, power grid, banking, and other GNSS-driven technologies depends on that degree of precision.

Working Papers

GNSS Indoors: Fighting the Fading, Part 3

Tracking low-power spread spectrum GNSS signals inside buildings is complicated by the effects of various architectures and building materials on signals passing through them. In this final installment of a three-part series, the authors identify, measure, and model some of the key variables affecting the indoor performance of the actual Galileo signal in space.

News Updates

Europe Launches Full Galileo Procurement

Faulty Booster Component Delays IIR-M Launches

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