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Luiz Paulo Forte's Compass Points


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Favorite Equation
The Least Squares Prediction (Collocation) Equation: (see image, right)
where ŝ is the signals estimate vector, l is the observations vector,
Cll is the covariance matrix of the observations and Csl is the
cross-covariance matrix between signals and observations

Engineering Specialties

Geodetic surveying, high precision geodetic and GNSS positioning, mapping, geomatics engineering.

His Compass Points
• His high school sweetheart, Sandra, to whom he has been married for 26 years, and their daughters, Isabela, 23, and Luciana, 17.
• His parents, who set an example
• Teaching and research, his twin passions

First Fell In Love With GNSS
In 1986, Vidal Ashkenazi and Wolfgang Torge presented on GPS at a Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH) symposium in Mendoza, Argentina. “For the first time I saw that the classical geodetic positioning methods would be part of the past pretty soon.”

Knew GNSS Had Arrived When . . .
“. . . we first tested GPS during an observation campaign early one morning in 1988, by the famous Christ Statue at the top of the Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro.”

Engineering Mentors
Hermann Drewes, International Association of Geodesy (IAG) representative to SIRGAS and now secretary general of IAG, and two professors at the University of Calgary: Elizabeth Cannon, my former supervisor, and Gérard Lachapelle.”

Influences of Engineering Outside Work
“I have always been curious about the reason why things happen in a specific way. I like to observe natural phenomena and try to understand what is happening. I think this is the spirit of engineering. And there is the fascination of new technology—to be able to carry out a real time video conference, through the Internet, with someone located on the other side of the world is fantastic!”

Popular Notion About GNSS That Most Annoys
That a built-in GNSS chip is all that is necessary to remotely determine location. “Sometimes there is a lack of understanding that a communication link is needed to transmit the position given by GNSS to the remote user.”

Favorite Non-GNSS Activities
“Having fun with my wife and two daughters, surfing, and — of course — watching soccer!”

What’s Next
GNSS signals — Galileo, Compass, and others — will be tracked by electronic devices whose main function is not positioning. Instead, the devices will use the position as input data for other applications.

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