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Join Inside GNSS and Rohde & Schwarz for a free technicnal webinar on Security Risks with Commercial Drones - How Serious is this Risk and What's the Latest in Detection and Mitigation?

Webinar: Critical Technologies for Assured Detection and Mitigation of Commercial Drones

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This webinar has taken place. A recorded version is available for on-demand viewing free here.

Our informational webinar, “Security Risks with Commercial Drones — What's the Latest in Detection and Mitigation?”, is sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz and presented by Inside GNSS and Inside Unmanned Systems. It is now available for free viewing on-demand 24/7.

The webinar panel of experts addresses how commercial drones represent a serious security risk to major public events and sensitive infrastructures and facilities such as industrial testing grounds, large industrial plants, critical infrastructure, military and even correctional facilities.

Our panel of experts for this event:

• Goetz Mayser, Director C-UAV Detection and Counter Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz

• Ross Lamm, Managing Partner, Black Sage Technologies

• David A. Romero, Managing Partner, Black Sage Technologies

Moderator: James Poss, Maj Gen (Ret), CEO of ISR Ideas, an intelligence, unmanned aerial systems and cyber warfare consulting firm.

You may download a PDF of the webinar slides here:

Download the PDF

Additionally, you can learn more by downloading the whitepaper “Protecting the Sky”:


James Poss, Maj Gen (Ret) is the CEO of ISR Ideas, an intelligence, unmanned aerial systems and cyber warfare consulting firm. He is the founder and former Executive Director of the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE), the FAA's center of excellence for unmanned research. He is a 30-year U.S. Air Force veteran with combat experience in four wars and was the Air Force's senior career intelligence officer at his transition from active service in March 2013. He is a leading expert on UAS having helped designed the U.S. Air Force's remote split operations system for UAS control and the Distributed Common Ground Station for UAS intelligence analysis. Gen. Poss also has extensive experience in cyber operations from his assignments with the National Security Agency and as the Air Force lead for stand up of U.S. Cyber Command. He is the 2012 winner of Aviation Weeks' Curtis Sword Award for his leadership in Anglo-American aerospace relations.

Goetz Mayser is Director of C-UAV detection and counter solutions working for Rohde & Schwarz in the headquarters in Munich, Germany. Goetz is responsible for the international counter UAV business of Rohde & Schwarz. Before that he held several positions as product and project manager in the secure communications division of Rohde & Schwarz. Goetz studied electronics at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.


Ross Lamm - Managing Partner. Ross obtained his Ph.D in Image Processing and Machine Vision from UC Davis in 2000. He develops products and solutions that include long range video tracking as well as gyro-stabilization and radar slewing of camera systems. His solutions have been used for long range surveillance in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Jordan and Washington D.C.


David Romero - Managing Partner.  Dave is a managing partner at Black Sage, a defense company solving time sensitive problems relating to national security and terrorism. He is a futurist who bridges skills in high tech with business strategy; and is a champion for technology vision and quality. Prior to shifting effort full time to developing Black Sage in 2014, he operated an international data science company deploying predictive analytics systems to aid governments in data driven policy making. Dave has been referenced in Associated Press, IEEE Spectrum and Janes Defence on Counter - Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and in a Wired Magazine feature story on methods for stopping drone terrorism. In addition to work in national security, Dave is passionate about cultural diplomacy and served as an emissary in India for Rotary International. He’s lived in South America, Oceania and Southeast Asia and motorcycled tens of thousands of miles on foreign backcountry roads.

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