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The International Navigation Conference (INC) 2017

Clock_Tower_Brighton_2016-06-05.jpgThe Clock Tower in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom. Wikimedia Commons Photo. (Click image to enlarge.)
Brighton, UK

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The International Navigation Conference 2017 will bring together the Positioning, Navigation and Timing community around three major themes: Autonomy, Robust PNT, and Sensor & Data Fusion.

As well as the latest technical innovations and technology updates, the conference will cover the legal, ethical, human cognitive and regulatory issues associated with realizing new opportunities. The presentations, exhibition and networking at INC 2017 are designed to broaden knowledge and provide a range of perspectives on topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, authentication, privacy, machine learning and augmented reality in location applications.

On November 27, the Innovations in Autonomous and Resilient PNT Forum will meet in the afternoon, in partnership with The International Navigation Conference 2017, following the very well attended meeting at INC2016.

For Industry INC2017 provides the opportunity to exhibit and demo while meeting the key PNT community across the three days and hear the latest research and government updates. For Academia, the event provides the platform to present and hear latest research in all the key areas and to gain perspective on industry needs and opportunities. For Government, it provides much more than just technical updates and includes coverage of policy, ethical, legal and privacy aspects as well as the chance to engage across the PNT community during the conference.

Jammer Dectector
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