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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 12 Number 3

May/June 2017

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Cover Story
Working Papers

Real World Spoofing Trials and Mitigation

Via Direction of Arrival Discrimination

This article demonstrates that a synthetic aperture antenna can reliably detect and mitigate even sophisticated spoofing attacks rendered against Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Technical Article

NRC Remote Clock

Secure Dissemination of Traceable Time

The demand for secure and accurate time has been growing in recent years in telecommunications, infrastructure, navigation and finance. The requirements are for traceable time with sub microsecond precision. Currently available methods have technical or reliability limitations in achieving this goal.

Technical Article

Automatic GPS Ionospheric Amplitude and Phase Scintillation Detectors

Using a Machine Learning Algorithm

Ionospheric scintillation can cause errors or outage in GNSS services. Timely detection of ionospheric scintillation will enable adaptive processing to mitigate its effects on navigation solutions. This article presents a machine learning algorithm to autonomously detect ionospheric amplitude and phase scintillation.

Columns & Editorials
Washington View

EU eLoran Efforts Sharpen while U.S. Requirements Study Continues

Brussels View

Galileo in the Here and Now

Once it seemed we were forever bound to speak about Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System in the future tense. It does now feel a bit fantastic to be discussing Galileo’s real performance in the present. But facts are facts – the thing is well and truly working (mostly).

GNSS & the Law

Space Law and GNSS

A look at the Legal Frameworks for “Outer Space”

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), obviously, make crucial use of satellites operating in an area commonly known as “outer space”, raising issues regarding which specific body of law might rule the operation of such satellite systems.

Thinking Aloud

Get Galileo on Board

It's Long Overdue

Compelling arguments exist for granting Galileo a waiver from FCC licensing requirements.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Rescue drones, bike sharing in China, autonomous trucking and robotic racecars.

360 Degrees
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