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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 12 Number 4

July/August 2017

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Cover Story
Working Papers

Feature Selection for GNSS Receiver Fingerprinting

Using clock-derived metrics to build a “white list” for receiver identification.

Fingerprinting is the process of gathering information about an electronic device to generate specific signatures to identify the device itself. This working paper investigates potential strategies for fingerprinting a GNSS receiver.

Technical Article

Future Space Service of NavIC (IRNSS) Constellation

Space Service Volume for the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) constellation now known as NavIC

Today many satellite-based navigation systems are providing terrestrial services. In the near future these systems will also contribute for space service. Here we take a look at the contribution of the NavIC constellation in future space services.

Technical Article

Enabling Collision Avoidance with Raw Measurements and Updated ADS-B Software

The advantages of using raw measurements for ADS-B and systems similar to ADS-B produce safer operations.

The use of the raw data, once integrated into standardized flight protocols, could dramatically help prevent mid-air accidents even if one or both of the aircraft is unmanned.


GSA's GNSS Opinion Leaders

Carlo Bagnoli: Building a better multiconstellation GNSS solution 

Europe-based expert in the business of smart driving, Carlo Bagnoli explains why his company, STMicroelectronics, is using every means possible, and every GNSS constellation possible, including the recently launched Galileo, to deliver the best PVT solutions for road transport.

Columns & Editorials
Washington View

GPS Funding Comes with Strong Support — and Strings Attached

Brussels View

Answering the Call for a GNSS Back-up

The team behind the new report on the economic impact for the UK of a GNSS disruption says eLoran is an option, a good option, but not the only option to back up GNSS. Meanwhile, concerns about the potential ramifications of a widespread GNSS failure, long expressed by voices in the United States and UK, may now be taking hold in the European Union.

GNSS Solutions

How is Public Safety reliant on GNSS and is this a concern?

Thinking Aloud

Turn NextGen into ThisGen

Get modernization back on track

NextGen is a moving target being shot at from a moving platform.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Self-driving in sugarcane, LiDAR the wind, robots for Mom and colliding drones underground.

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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