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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 12 Number 6

November/December 2017

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Cover Story

Towards Navigation Safety for Autonomous Cars

Emerging technologies bring cars closer to the ultimate goal of fully autonomous operation.

Promising new technology has recently emerged to increase the level of safety and autonomy in driving, including lane and distance keeping assist systems, automatic braking systems, and even highway auto-drive systems. Here we investigate a path towards ensuring safety for “self-driving” or “autonomous” cars by leveraging prior work in aviation.

Technical Article

GNSS SDR Metadata Standard

The Institute of Navigation’s GNSS SDR metadata standard and associated opensource software project.

The past several years has seen a proliferation of software defined radio (SDR) data collection systems and processing platforms designed for GNSS receiver applications or those that support GNSS bands. For post-processing, correctly interpreting the GNSS SDR sampled datasets produced or consumed by these systems has historically been a cumbersome and error-prone process.


GSA's GNSS Opinion Leaders

Bernhard Richter: Leica Geosystems bolstering its multi-GNSS arsenal

Bernhard Richter discusses how the company is exploiting multi-constellation and multifrequency GNSS, including latest addition Galileo, to greatly improve the performance of high-precision RTK positioning.

Columns & Editorials
Washington View

Ligado: Business and Network Plan Remain Unclear

Brussels View

Fundamental Rethink for Galileo Commercial Service

The EU stars came out for this year’s European Space Week, a sprawling series of events in the charming city of Tallinn, under the aegis of the Estonian EU Presidency. Featured were a variety of workshops, conferences, ceremonies and information sessions. As a European flagship space program, Galileo was front and center throughout much of the proceedings.

GNSS Solutions

Do modern multi-frequency civil receivers eliminate the ionospheric effect?

Working Papers

Location Privacy Challenges and Solutions

Part 2: Hybrid- and Non-GNSS Localization

Finding the right balance between sufficient accuracy for a Location Based Service and preserving user location privacy to the extent desired by the users is one of the challenges in modern GNSS localization. This article (the second in a series) aims to shed new light on similar location privacy challenges that appear when using hybrid-GNSS or non-GNSS localization technologies.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Flying Fruit, Educating GNSS Students, Mapping Air Traffic, Rainy Seasons, and More...

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