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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 11 Number 5

September/October 2016

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Cover Story
GNSS & the Law

Geolocation Privacy

Implications of Evolving Expectations in the United States

The concept of what constitutes “a reasonable expectation of privacy” from a geolocation standpoint is evolving in the United States. This change is not taking place in a vacuum. Rather, it directly results from growing concerns shared by the public, regulators, and lawmakers about the implications of a “Big Data” society.


GNSS Forum: Seven Easy Ways the Administration or Congress Could Get a Quick Win Protecting GPS and America

For more than a decade since the promulgation of a presidential directive, the United States has wrestled with the mandate to develop a backup for the Global Positioning System. A long-time navigation leader proposes some initial steps that the nation could take to enable enhanced Loran to be the system to accomplish that mission.

Human Engineering

Mikel Miller: Science, Service, and Family

It has been a long journey to success for this scientist for positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) science and technology development.

Technical Article

It’s Time for 3D Mapping–Aided GNSS

The use of three-dimensional maps supports new techniques, including “shadow-matching,” that seek to turn the disruptive effects of buildings in urban areas into a method for actually enhancing GNSS position determination.

Technical Article

The Particular Importance of Galileo E6C

A research team presents a brief study of the potential performance of a number of processing modes for the Galileo E6 signal, with primary focus on the relative benefits of processing the E6C pilot signal.

Columns & Editorials
GNSS Solutions

Are there low-cost and low-weight options for GNSS IF storage?

Thinking Aloud

Changing the Rules

Practical Methods to Quantify Harmful Effects

Taken out of context, Ligado’s reworked broadband proposal might seem logical, even practical. GNSS is a positioning technology. If the positioning quality is unaffected, there shouldn’t be a problem. No harm, no foul, right?

Working Papers

Design Drivers and New Trends for Navigation Message Authentication Schemes for GNSS Systems

Widespread adoption of GNSS has turned into an incentive for malicious actions that exploit its vulnerabilities, by either disrupting or precisely modifying the PNT computation. Authenticating the GNSS signal at both the ranging and data levels is one way to detect and/or mitigate such threats.

Washington View

Ligado Funds Federal Labs to Boost GPS Receiver Test Stance

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Brexit and Galileo, Integrating Autonomy, Eyes in the Sky, and Forecasting Heavy Weather

Thought Leadership Series

Single Versus Multiple

How Frequencies Make a Difference in GNSS Receivers

There’s precise, and then there’s really precise. When it comes to GNSS user equipment, how do more frequencies add up to more benefits?

360 Degrees
Industry View
Jammer Dectector
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