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Valérie Renaudin's Compass Points

Renaudin.jpgRenaudin’s children, Satine and Kylian (left); Irish dancing keeps Renaudin on her toes (right). (Click image to enlarge.)

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Engineering specialties

Geomatics engineering, design of dynamic position estimation algorithms, GNSS and other sensors, including inertial MEMS, UWB Tx, hybridization filters for navigation, low-cost sensor error modeling and calibration, and magnetic field processing.

GNSS event that most signified to you that GNSS had ‘arrived’

“Smartphones and wearables now command a $1 billion market. GPS means much more than Global Navigation System to the general public — people talk about carrying their GPS, but we know they’re not walking around with bunch of satellites under one arm!”

What popular notions about GNSS most annoy you?

“If you ask people how they get a position with GNSS equipment, the answer is often that GNSS satellites are sending the receiver’s position to the user!!! If you then complete your question asking if it is realistic to think that GNSS devices are able to send messages to satellites for retrieving the position, they start to doubt their first answer. To me, educating the general public is definitely part of the job when you’re an engineer.”

As a consumer, what GNSS product, application, or engineering innovation would you most like to see?

A GNSS receiver whose performance is unaffected by the hosting platform’s dynamics, whether a bicycle, a private car or a person traveling along on a multimodal public transit route.

Favorite equation

See Renaudin’s favorite equation at the top of this article

Her compass point:

My family is absolutely essential to me, and especially my husband, who has always been so supportive. I would not have had the success I’ve had without him.

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