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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 3, Number 2

March/April 2008

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Cover Story


Development of a High Accuracy Pointing System for Maneuvering Platforms

When it comes to providing attitude or designing a pointing system—say,
for controlling an airborne antenna or guiding a tank–GPS can use some
help. Researchers at SRI developed a MEMS IMU combination that provides
suitable accuracy.

GNSS World

Europe Readies Galileo Procurement

Getting Ready for an Operating Galileo System? 

As they shape a new acquisition plan, leaders of the Galileo project
will soon discover if a public partnership will lead to success.

Technical Article

SAASM On Trial

A Test Regime for Integrated GPS Military Systems

Have SAASM-ISER, will travel. . . this new mobile laboratory
incorporates a GPS signal simulator and can test weapon systems with
integrated Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module security
architecture at the platform's home station.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

GNSS Indoors — Fighting The Fading, Part 1

The ability to receive low-power GNSS signals inside buildings wins the gold medal for product designers and manufacturers who can achieve it. The authors share results of a new test that creates an original model of signal behavior in indoor spaces of different shapes and material. First of two parts.

Human Engineering

Luiz Paulo Fortes — Putting Brazil on the Map

This geomatics engineer pioneered the use of GPS in Latin America—now
he wants to integrate all of Brazil's geoscience data into layers of
information available to everyone over the Internet.

GNSS Solutions

Mathematical Models and GNSS Interference

What does “geometry-based” and “geometry-free” mean in the context of GNSS?

What are the main classes of interference that can degrade the GNSS signals? What are the possible countermeasures?  

Thinking Aloud

The Easy Part

All four major GNSS programs seem to have reached the same passage —not
quite an impasse, but a definite narrowing of the political space.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform.

Washington D.C.; the villages of England; Paris; Congo Basin; Moscow; Beijing

News Updates

Russia Dwells on Glonass Future

360 Degrees
Industry View
Jammer Dectector
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