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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 10 Number 4

July/August 2015

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Cover Story
Technical Article

First Position Fix with IRNSS

Successful Proof-of-Concept Demonstration

Earlier this year, India’s regional navigation constellation, IRNSS, demonstrated independent three-dimensional position determination for the first time using a combination of geostationary and geosynchronous satellites now in orbit. The navigation software team from the Indian Space Research Organization describes this achievement.

Technical Article

Software-Defined GNSS Simulator: A Step Forward

Harnessing the Progress in Computing

Thanks to advances in the design and capabilities of graphics processing units, the real-time computational capabilities of the conventional PC are significantly improved. This article describes the development and performance of an SDR simulator that combines the real-time computational capabilities of a GPU with universal software radio peripherals.

Columns & Editorials
GNSS Solutions

Can you list all the properties of the carrier-smoothing filter?

Brussels View

ESA and EC at Odds (Again) over Space Governance

Washington View

Officials Delay First GNSS Authorization Request; Light-Squared Tries to Leverage Issue

GNSS & the Law

Playing by the Rules of World Trade Law

An occasional series on GNSS legal issues

Level playing field or national “champions”? This article by two legal scholars examines the legal, economic, and political issues arising from the cross-currents caused by the requirements of international trade agreements and the inclination of nations to favor their own GNSS programs.

Thinking Aloud

Premature Farewell to GPS

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Having set what many in the Defense Department call the Gold Standard of PNT, it would be a shame to see a “Defexit” from GPS.

Human Engineering

Valérie Renaudin: Navigating a Life with GNSS

The cornfields of eastern China cemented this engineer's interest in GNSS positioning and navigation.

Working Papers

More Than We Ever Dreamed Possible

Processor Technology for GNSS Software Receivers in the Year 2015

Recent increases in computational power can be used to build more efficient GNSS software receivers. Experimental benchmarks show how well the currently available technology can be exploited for these purposes. A personal computer (maximum number of channels greater than 1,000) and an embedded board (maximum number of channels less than 100) are tested under various scenarios, with promising results for future applications.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Cuba Libres, Lucky Seven Airmen, GPS Launch Competition and Staying Calm…

360 Degrees
Industry View
Jammer Dectector
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