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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 9 Number 3

May/June 2014

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Cover Story

An Airborne Experimental Test Platform

From Theory to Flight: Part 2

Small UAVs can be used as a cost-effective platform for avionics development and testing. In the last issue, a research team based at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities described their lab operations and how they use small UAVs to make aircraft safer and more fuel efficient. In this second part, they describe UAV test platforms for developing, testing and certifying new avionics and GNC algorithms for safety-critical systems.

Human Engineering

Michel Monnerat: Out of Africa — GNSS

Straddling two continents, French-born Michel Monnerat grew up in Togo,
loving math and science and playing soccer before sunrise. He grew up to
become an expert in Galileo signal design and a top engineer for Thales
Alenia Space.

Human Engineering

Michel Monnerat’s Compass Points

Technical Article

Location Authentication

Enabling New Smartphone Apps

With the integration of payment systems in the smartphones, location information could be used as a key authentication factor, relating user location with purchase events and helping to reduce fraud.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

Collective Detection of Multi-GNSS Signals

Vector-Acquisition Promises Sensitivity and Reliability Improvement

Vector acquisition collects all of the signals in a particular place, sorts out the weak ones, and identifies the best ones for navigation and positioning. This discussion describes a new methodology and implementation algorithm that uses multiple GNSS signals more effectively in signal-challenged environments.

Washington View

DoD Condenses Acquisition Strategy to Speed M-Code Units

GNSS Solutions

How do you compute a relative position using GNSS?

Brussels View

It’s Spring, and EGNOS Is in the Air

Thinking Aloud

Papering Over Safety Gaps

Implementing Real Safety-of-Life Mandates

The idea of a federal agency requiring life-critical information be sent to state officials who have no plans for using it does not represent the finest moment for governance in America.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Hot spots in California, Florida, Tianjin, Kourou and the Antarctic

JPL uses GPS to find Sierra Nevada water weight; Near collision of drone and regional jet prompts questions, West Antarctic ice sheet melt at "point of no return," First Galileo FOC satellites at launch site, China's GBAS tested in Tianjin

News Updates

Satellite Outages Afflict GLONASS

The Russian system suffers two major disruptions in April
Thought Leadership Series

GNSS in Military Affairs

(And Vice Versa)

Born in the depths of the Cold War, the Global Positioning System pioneered a long and winding road to its preeminent status in myriad civilian uses. But it began — and continues — as a quintessentially military utility. What’s that mean in today’s world?

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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