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Di Qiu's Compass Points

HUMAN-equation.jpgTaylor's Series

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Engineering Specialties 

  • Signal processing  
  • Control and estimation  
  • Signals of opportunity  
  • Location-based security and signal authentication 

Engineering Mentors 

William Greer — Principal Electronics Technician at Institute of Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP), UCLA. “I was very much inspired by William to develop my interest of building things to solve small engineering problems when I was working as a lab assistant at IGPP in my undergraduate years.” 

Per Enge — Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University and Qiu’s Ph.D. advisor, helped Qiu grow as an engineer. “He has taught me to be proactive, encouraged me to express my ideas and opinions, and motivated me to work on whatever I was feeling in a proactive way.” 

Dan Boneh — Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, specialized in applied cryptography and computer security. “I’ve learned something new from Dan every time I had discussions with him, and the result of discussions has always been encouraging and inspirational.” 


1) Method and apparatus for using navigation signal information for geoencryption to enhance security 

2) Geosecurity methods and devices using geotags derived from noisy location data from multiple sources 

3) Coordinate-free radio navigation and guidance using location-specific received signal and propagation channel parameters vector (pending) 

GNSS Event that most signifies that GNSS has “arrived” 

When my friends say to me, “I know how to get there. . . . I have a GPS”. 

Popular notion about GNSS that most annoys 

That GPS is available everywhere! Also some people think navigation engineers should have the intelligence for choosing driving directions in the physical world. 

Favorite equation 

Taylor’s series (see inset photo, above right) 

Taylor’s series equation provides an estimate of the error made in a polynomial approximation to a function. “It makes our life much easier to construct linear models from nonlinear systems.” 

As a consumer, the GNSS products, applications, and engineering innovations she would most like to see 

1) Air traffic control 

2) Automobile traffic control — an integrated system that provides drivers current traffic conditions, optimum route finding, and other information for safe and efficient driving 

3) Reliable indoor positioning solution in personal electronic devices for location-based services.

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