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NovAtel Launches New Series of SPAN IMUs

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April 2, 2013

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NovAtel Inc. has announced its new SPAN-IGM series of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) inertial sensor products, including the IMU-IGM-A1 MEMS enclosure and the SPAN-IGM-A1 GNSS/INS enclosure.

The IMU-IGM-A1 is a small , rugged enclosure that houses a MEMS inertial sensor, which can be configured from the factory as an integrated GNSS + Inertial Navigation System (INS) or as a standalone IMU sensor for pairing with a customer’s existing SPAN-enabled OEM6 receiver. Its dimensions are 152 (length) x137 (width/diameter) X 51 (height) millimeters.

The IMU-IGM-A1 features regulated 10-30 VDC input and a dedicated wheel sensor input to enhance GNSS outage-bridging capabilities and offers a 200-hertz navigation solution and raw measurement output.

Jason Hamilton, marketing director for NovAtel, characterized the IMU-IGM-A1 as “the smallest, lightest IMU enclosure in our SPAN GNSS/INS product portfolio.”  He added, “It provides NovAtel customers with the ability to leverage our powerful SPAN technology in new applications that are size- and weight-constrained but still require highly precise position, velocity, roll, pitch and heading.”

The SPAN-IGM-A1 combines NovAtel’s OEM615 GNSS receiver card with a MEMS inertial sensor in a single enclosure. By integrating the MEMS IMU with NovAtel’s tightly coupled OEM6 GNSS/INS SPAN engine, advanced positioning options such as AdVance RTK, ALIGN heading technology and RAIM are available to improve performance. Its dimensions are 152 (length) x142 (width/diameter) X 51 (height) millimeters.

Shipments of the new IMU-IGM-A1 enclosure and the SPAN-IGM-A1 GNSS/INS integrated enclosure will begin early in the second quarter of this year. For more information on the SPAN-IGM Series, visit the NovAtel website. 

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