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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 8 Number 3

May/June 2013

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Cover Story

From Fledgling to Flight

Boeing's Little Bird UAV

For several years now, a Boeing engineering team has examined various methods for navigating a vertical takeoff and landing of an unmanned aerial system to a moving vessel for launch and recovery. The team developed and tested a GNSS/inertial system that uses relatie navigation techniques to do this successfully.

Washington View

Air Force Proposes Dramatic Redesign for GPS Constellation

Momentum is building to shift to a new constellation architecture that uses two types of GPS satellites — full-capability GPS III satellites and new lean spacecraft called NavSats.

GNSS Hotspots

In this issue: Report-A-Pest, the Fourth GPS IIF, PhoneSats, Russia's 24, and Precision Robots

GNSS World

BeiDou Gets Ready for the Global Marketplace

Focus on IP, Patents, and Standards  
Human Engineering

Di Qiu: Opportunities of Signals

Just beginning her career, Di Qiu is making the most out of GNSS and
other radio signals to broaden her professional bandwidth. 

Technical Article


A Collaborative GNSS Receiver Architecture for Weak Signal Processing

There are lots of ways to enhance single-receiver GNSS navigation performance. However,
methods that combine data from multiple receivers remain relatively unexplored. A new
receiver design takes advantage of the untapped potential for collaborative approaches to achieve more robust positioning capability, particularly in weak signal environments.

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

Living in an APNT World

Plugging Gaps and Ensuring Coverage

It’s no longer just a question of simply eliminating systems from the PNT mix and closing redundant operations. 

Brussels View

Europe Needs Entrepreneurs

Is the Galileo Community Finally Getting Down to Business?

Strangely, some of the work being done in Europe, purportedly to help build European competitiveness in the GNSS market, seems to be doing exactly the opposite.

GNSS Solutions

Calculating Time Offsets

How do you deal with timing differences between GNSSes?
Working Papers

In-Car GNSS Jammer Localization Using Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

It’s an exciting idea: Use vehicular ad-hoc networks to locate in-car jammers. Theoretical and experimental results confirm that localization based on this approach has an error below 40 meters — that’s sufficient accuracy for determining the origin of an interference source.

Thought Leadership Series


China’s Rapidly Emerging GNSS

In six short years, China has built a fully functional regional GNSS system, BeiDou. How is it doing so far and where is it heading?  

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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