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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 8 Number 1

January/February 2013

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Cover Story

The GNSS Quartet

Harmonizing GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo

The world's GNSS programs don't comprise a classical quartet, weaving
Mozart stanzas in disciplined execution. They are more like a new jazz
combo, riffing off each other while trying to get in the groove.

Technical Article

Developing a GNSS Position and Timing Authentication Testbed

GNSS Vulnerability and Mitigation Techniques

The GNSS Authentication and User Protection System Simulator (GAUPSS) is an innovative testbed that creates realistic scenarios for GNSS threats. The testbed can identify weaknesses of detection mechanisms in user equipment, test the effectiveness of new receiver-based mitigation techniques, and evaluate system-level schemes to guarantee the authenticity of received signals.

Working Papers

Galileo Altimetry Using AltBOC and RTK Techniques

Multiple signals on multiple frequencies provide the opportunity to develop new techniques for applying reflectometry. This article describes an E1/E5a/E5b ground-based altimetry application that has been tested with Galileo signals, including the use of AltBOC code measurements.

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

The GNSS Merry Go Round

Centrifugal vs. Centripetal Forces

The temptation to shape regulatory measures, market initiatives, or
technology development in ways that unfairly benefit one’s own program
battles the idea that we are all in this together, or should be.

Washington View

More Than Money Worries

OCX and the New Civil Signals
Brussels View

No Time Like the Present for Europe in Asia

Not Just Galileo, but GNSS

Industry insiders have always known that you don’t need Galileo to make money and create jobs in the GNSS universe. And for many, the center of that universe is rapidly moving towards Asia.

GNSS Solutions

Markets and Multi-Frequency GNSS

What will limit the spread of multi-frequency GNSS receivers into the mass market?
GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Timing, Tracking Headaches, Insuring Vulnerability, Backup Plans and GPS to the Rescue plus Robot Turtle

In this issue: Timing, Tracking Headaches, Insuring Vulnerability, Backup Plans and GPS to the Rescue

Thought Leadership Series

GNSS and Ubiquity

Can we get a little help here?

Omnipresence. GNSS systems are global by nature, but they can’t provide reliable positioning anytime, anywhere. Meet their new friends.

360 Degrees
Industry View
Jammer Dectector
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