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Spirent Launches Data Sets of World City Environments to Aid GNSS Receiver Testing

December 26, 2011

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Spirent Communications has launched of a subscription service for live GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, and QZSS) environmental-capture data set samples, recorded at major locations worldwide, in challenging urban and suburban conditions.

The data sets are designed for use with the company’s GSS6400 GNSS Record and Playback test System. They encompass a variety of recorded scenarios ranging from drive-through multi-level roads, tunnels, and car parks to drive-throughs in downtown areas with high-rise buildings.

Real-world effects such as atmospheric, environmental (multipath, interference, terrain obscuration) are all captured making use of data sets, which can be used for debugging issues, performance tuning, and optimization of GNSS receivers. Cities in which the data sets were recorded include New York, Paris, London, Beijing, and Tokyo.

Last year Spirent introduced the GSS6400 GNSS record & playback system to complement its line of simulators. Until now customers had to record their own themselves, but by using the pre-recorded datasets will be able to save time and effort while expanding their geographical coverage for test scenarios, according to Spirent. The data sets are accompanied by reference ― truth ― position data in time-stamped NMEA format, recorded using a high-grade inertial (INS)–aided GNSS receiver.

The data sets will be updated annually to ensure that differences in satellite constellations, urban topography, and the current date and time are captured.
“We continue to provide more value to our customers. The live sky data sets service will allow them to benefit from reduced overall cost and accelerated time to market, said Rahul Gupta, product manager for Spirent’s navigation & positioning division.

There has been a surge in integration of sensors and GNSS in navigation systems, particularly for hybrid and automotive applications, according to the company. The GSS6400 can play back serial data — such as CAN Bus, dead-reckoning sensors (gyros and wheel speed sensors), or 1PPS timing signals — simultaneously with GNSS signals. Additionally, the GSS6400 can log serial data into separate files for subsequent analysis or post-processing.
The data sets are now available for order. For more information visit the Spirent Positioning website.

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