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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 7 Number 6

November/December 2012

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Cover Story
Technical Article

LTE, Positioning, and the Implications for GNSS Over-the-Air Testing

Wireless communications technology, the incorporation of GNSS positioning into mobile devices, and crowded radio frequency spectrum are driving the creation of new specifications and standards for user equipment. These circumstances shape the evaluation methods for 4G communications technology — including a growing reliance on GNSS over-the-air testing.


2012 European Satellite Navigation Competition Results

GNSS Contest Winners Take Us Indoors, Outdoors, All Around the Town

This is the ninth year for the European Satellite Navigation Competition, which has grown from a Europe-only affair to an international competition with more than 400 submissions for GNSS applications ideas. The application fields drawing the most responses this year were mobile location-based services and “smart moving.”

The 2012 Galileo Master award goes to a Portuguese team who use ULF-MC for wayfinding where GNSS can't go.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

Navipedia — The GNSS Wiki

A Reference for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

With Navipedia, the European Space Agency has introduced a common online entry point for GNSS know-how.

Thinking Aloud

Our Harvest Being Gotten In

May the Future of GNSS Be Ever More Bountiful

We give thanks for those new initiatives, yet unseen or unborn, stirring throughout the world of GNSS.

Washington View

Taking Turns at the Fiscal Cliff

GPS Funding Problems Cloud the Future

As Congress nears the “fiscal cliff” of sequestration, delays in developing dual-satellite launch capabilities and funding civil GPS modernization could lead to a decline in the system’s constellation.

Brussels View

Galileo Round Up

Satellite Problems, New Regulation, Budget Top Europe’s GNSS Agenda

Galileo satellite problems? Just as when Apple or Microsoft launch their latest phones and pads and operating systems, any new and extremely sophisticated software system is going to discover bugs. On the budget side, while David Cameron may not be happy about the overall budget, no one seems to believe he or anyone else in Britain is going to raise a fuss about the EU GNSS programs.

GNSS Solutions

Non-Gaussian Noises

What about Gaussian vs. non-Gaussian noise in inertial/GNSS integration?

Non-linear estimation algorithms solving inertial/GNSS integrated navigation systems with minimum lower bounds have been widely explored and investigated under the assumption of Gaussian noises. What happens if noises are non-Gaussian?

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Tracking Trafficking, Bringing in the Little Guy, Problematic Posts, Lightning and Affordable Air Strike

In this issue: Tracking Trafficking, Bringing in the Little Guy, Problematic Posts, Lightning and Affordable Air Strikes

Book Reviews

Digital Satellite Navigation and Geophysics: A Practical Guide with GNSS Signal Simulator and Receiver Laboratory

A review of Ivan G. Petrovski and Toshiaki Tsujii's new textbook

Frank van Diggelen reviews this new textbook published by Cambridge University Press. It describes GPS and GLONASS signals and the geophysical theory necessary for high accuracy calculation of satellite and user positions. The package includes a useful software receiver and signal simulator.

Thought Leadership Series

GNSS Positioning and Precise Timing

It's All About Precise Time

When it comes to GNSS, everybody talks about location, location, location. But shouldn’t it really be time, time, time? So much critical infrastructure depends on GNSS-provided time - communications, banking and finance, emergency services, electrical power grids, to name a few.

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