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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 7 Number 1

January/February 2012

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Cover Story

Winging It

GNSS and Human Flight

Dressing up in a superhero costume and flinging oneself out of an airplane might sound like a good idea to a 20-something skydiver. But is it science? More importantly, can a GNSS-outfit­ted wingsuit be turned into a free-falling human testbed that helps design better products and applications? Andrew Levson and colleagues at NovAtel plan to find out.

Technical Article


First Acquisition and Tracking of IOV Galileo Signals

Europe’s GNSS program — Galileo — launched two in-orbit validation satellites in October, the first elements of the system’s fully operational constellation. In this article, a team of Italian researchers present the initial results of their analysis of the Galileo signals.

Columns & Editorials
GNSS Solutions

Code Tracking and Pseudoranges

How can pseudorange measurements be generated from code tracking?

Thinking Aloud

GPS - The DoD's Profit Center

What began, in the words of the Defense Department, as a “force enhancer” has become an economy enhancer of enormous value.

Working Papers

Optimal Aligning of the Sums of GNSS Navigation Signals

Two or more modernized GNSS signals transmitted on the same carrier produce varying amplitudes that reduce the power amplifier efficiency and result in the need for aligning the group signal amplitude. Here, two Russian signals experts introduce a new symmetrized signals class that enables significant reductions in the loss factor created during this amplitude alignment. The authors also propose optimal com¬binations of three and four signals when exploiting multiple GNSS systems and offer an improved design for GLONASS L3 and L5 signals.

Washington View

New Austerity Squeezes GPS as DoD Tightens Its Belt

Military managers, fidgeting like new-year dieters at a Weight Watchers
meeting, anxiously wait to see what they'll have to live without now
that years of war-fueled budget indulgence are over. How will GPS fare
as Congress reviews the president's budget?

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Data Points and Factoids to Amuse and Inform

In This Issue: The leap second, icy Alaska harbors and icy European streets, a wealth of Russian satellites and a Chinese vacation paradise

News Updates

$655 Million for GLONASS in 2012

Roscosmos announces a 20.55 billion ruble federal target program budget for the coming year.

Thought Leadership Series

Challenges in GNSS /INS Integration

Learning inertial navigation and error propagation equations can be daunting for those with a GNSS background

Inertial technology, rather than being eclipsed by GNSS, has found new life on its own and in integrated systems. But engineers from both sides of the divide have much to learn about the other. This is one in a series of sponsored articles by NovAtel.

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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