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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 6 Number 4

July/August 2011

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Cover Story
Technical Article

GPS Interference Testing

Lab, Live, and LightSquared

In a tightly compressed timeline, the Technical Working Group established under a Federal Communications Commission order designed and conducted extensive tests assessing the likely effects of LightSquared transmissions on GPS. But how were those tests — many of them using signal generators and constellation simulators as well as live over-the-air transmissions — actually carried out and how should we interpret the results? This article will tell you.

Technical Article

GLONASS-K for Airborne Applications

Issues and Perspective

Russia’s GLONASS is adding new CDMA signals, renewing interest in its use for civil aviation in combination with other GNSSes. Here, a member of an international engineering team describes their work on an integrated GLONASS/Galileo/GPS aviation receiver that can process the new Russian L3 CDMA signal.

Technical Article

Verification Testing

of a Multi-GNSS RF Signal Simulator

GNSS signal and constellation simulators are crucial tools for designing and testing GNSS user equipment. But how does one test the test equipment itself? The authors explain how they verified the performance of a software simulator developed at Beihang University in Beijing.

Columns & Editorials
Washington View

LightSquared Flunks GPS Interference Tests: What Now?

The Washington View

Faced with overwhelming evidence that its wireless broadband system would jam GPS receivers, hedge fund-backed LightSquared redirects its efforts towards Congress.

Thinking Aloud

The Fire Next Time

Preparedness for the next attack

The GPS community needs a continuing, effective organization to prepare for the next attack on its hard-won equities.

GNSS Solutions

What is a virtual reference station and how does it work?

Working Papers

GNSS-Based Attitude Determination

Aerospace and Formation Flying

Can a GNSS receiver capable of tracking carrier phase signals estimate a platform’s orientation precisely? This column introduces a new ambiguity-attitude estimator, in which ambiguity resolution and attitude estimation are coupled and resolved in an integral manner.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Data Points and Factoids to Amuse and Inform

In this issue: Aquarius, privacy rights in Washington, SVN-63, Natalia's satellite and Rickshaw Wars in New Delhi

Thought Leadership Series

Inertial technology, MEMS, and GNSS

In one form or another, inertial technologies preceded the advent of GNSS by many decades. Today, GNSS has captured the spotlight: But is there room — and a need — for more?

Jammer Dectector
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