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Mark Petovello


Mark Petovello is a professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

He is a contributing editor to Inside GNSS who coordinates the column GNSS Solutions.

January/February 2018

What is navigation message authentication?

November/December 2017

Do modern multi-frequency civil receivers eliminate the ionospheric effect?

September/October 2017

How do you use GNSS to compute the attitude of an object?

July/August 2017

How is Public Safety reliant on GNSS and is this a concern?

March/April 2017

Would you prefer to have more signals or more satellites?

January/February 2017

Is it possible to build a low-cost system to detect and locate a single GNSS jammer in near-real time?

November/December 2016

Challenges of Ray-Tracing for GNSS Applications

September/October 2016

Are there low-cost and low-weight options for GNSS IF storage?

July/August 2016

How does one compute the noise power to simulate real and complex GNSS signals?

March/April 2016

What are the fundamentals of an effective GNSS test plan?

January/February 2016

What is Doppler collision and is it a problem in GNSS?

November/December 2015

How Important Is It to Synchronize the Code and Phase Measurements of a GNSS Receiver?

July/August 2015

Can you list all the properties of the carrier-smoothing filter?

March/April 2015

How does a GNSS receiver estimate velocity?

January/February 2015

Why are carrier phase ambiguities integer?

November/December 2014

What are the actual performances of GNSS positioning using smartphone technology?

September/October 2014

How do you trust centimeter level accuracy positioning?

July/August 2014

GNSS Position Estimates

May/June 2014

How do you compute a relative position using GNSS?

January/February 2014

Ionospheric Scintillation

November/December 2013

Multipath vs. NLOS signals

September/October 2013

Network Real Time Kinematic GPS

July/August 2013

Receiver Architecture

January/February 2013

Markets and Multi-Frequency GNSS

November/December 2012

Non-Gaussian Noises

September/October 2012

Vector Delay Lock Loops

July/August 2012

Single- versus Dual-Frequency Precise Point Positioning

May/June 2012

How do GNSS-derived heights differ from other height systems?

January/February 2012

Code Tracking and Pseudoranges

November/December 2011

Network RTK and Reference Station Configuration

September/October 2011

The Differences in Differencing

July/August 2011

What is a virtual reference station and how does it work?

September/October 2009

The Soft Approach

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