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Fall 2007

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Cover Story

Reign of Point Clouds

A Kinematic Terrestrial LIDAR Scanning System

GNSS and intertial navigation systems work fine for georeferencing
images taken from aircraft usually free from satellite signal
blockages, but can you make the same technologies work for you on the
ground surrounded by terrain, foliage, and manmade structures? A North
American remote sensing company has brought LIDAR technology down to
earth with a GPS/INS-aided scanning system.

GNSS World

Galileo: Redirecting a Stuttering Program

News Analysis and Commentary

Europe's Galileo program continues to struggle through a difficult passage as it looks ahead to crucial meetings of the European Union (EU) transport, economic, and heads of state meeting November and December. The lingering death last spring of the public-private partnership (PPP) threw the program back into the political crucible that has always proved more arduous than the technical challenges.  The political discussion revolves around three different issues: financing, deployment, and governance of the system. Somewhat surprisingly, the third may prove the most substantive.

Technical Article

GPS/GPRS on the Road

Virtual Radar for a Swiss Bus Fleet

In a down-to-earth design somewhat reminiscent of the automatic
dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system being implemented in
the U.S. airspace, system developers in Switzerland have outfitted a
fleet of buses on a private, but narrow and mountainous road system,
with combined GPS, GPRS communications, and portable navigation device

Technical Article

Lightening the Data Processing Load

Signal Compression in GNSS Receivers

The emergence of increasingly sophisticated GNSS signal processing
techniques over the past 20 years is dramatically increasing the
computational load on GNSS receivers. These techniques include new
methods for acquiring and tracking a wide variety of second-generation
signal structures, advanced multipath mitigation techniques, and the
development of high-sensitivity receivers for reliable operation
indoors and in urban canyons.

Full story to be posted on November 15. 

Technical Article

Fuzzy Time

GPS-Based Synchronizers in the Presence of Interference

The effects of RF interference on GNSS signal acquisition, tracking,
and positioning accuracy have been studied extensively. In the United
States, a national program is underway to identify and mitigate
interference and jamming of GPS. However, the practical significance of
interference for precise timing and synchronization is less well
understood. In this article, laboratory test results reveal how two
kinds of interference affect GPS signal reception and timing.

Technical Article

Say "Hello" to Galileo's PRS

Making the Case to Security-Minded Communities

One feature that distinguishes Galileo from other GNSS systems is the
Public Regulated Service or PRS, an encrypted signal that will be used
by European governmental agencies, including police, emergency
services, and, potentially, military services. This article discusses
the need for and applications of the service, drawing on information
from the PACIFIC project (PRS application concept involving future interested customers.)

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

Time Against Time

We have an abiding trust, it seems, in the constancy of time. Amid this welter of transience, it's nice to think about those steady little increments of time, like the gentle susurrus of creation itself. . . Too bad it ain't so.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform.

Washington D.C.; Cape Canaveral; Moscow; Brussels; Shanghai; Sweden; Hurghada, Egypt

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Industry View
New Products
91 • Integrated Devices

Xsens Integrated GPS-IMU Unit

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