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Topcon Releases Software for IP

July 22, 2010
Inside GNSS, July/August 2010

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Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has announced the release of Spatial Factory software.

The software interface allows users to work with the combination of point cloud, trajectory, and panoramic image data that comes from the Topcon IP-S2 3D mobile mapping system.

The IP-S2 system incorporates high-precision GNSS receivers, an IMU (inertial measurement unit), vehicle wheel encoders, 360-degree digital camera, and laser scanners. The system is designed so that users can collect precise vehicle position/bearing data and capture spherical imagery of roadside objects such as sidewalks, buildings, tunnels, bridges, and overpasses, while driving the system-mounted vehicle at normal traffic speeds.

IP-S2 data can be viewed in Spatial Factory on a background map, in 3D, or in a panoramic view of images overlaying point cloud data. Control point registration can be achieved to increase the accuracy of collected data over long distances. The software is designed to enable users to easily measure distances between features and features and attributes extracted and exported into shapefile or ASCII formats in various coordinate systems.

Spatial Factory software also supports the import of shapefiles from existing geodatabases and the import and e export of collected point cloud data to CSV and LAS formats. Trajectory information can be exported to KML for use in Google Earth, GML, a portable file format for graphs, and ASCII.

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