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KVH Industries, Inc., has introduced its new CG-5100 inertial measurement unit (IMU), which combines KVH fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometers to measure roll, pitch, and yaw angular rates and accelerations.

The CG-5100 is designed for stabilization, navigation, and autonomous vehicle applications requiring precision position, velocity, and attitude sensing capabilities, dependable backup for GPS in dynamic conditions or when GPS is unavailable.

The strap-down inertial subsystem offers six-degrees-of-freedom measurement and a roll/pitch/yaw bias of ±1 degree per hour, 1 sigma, according to the company.

The acceleration accuracy for an x/y/z input range of up to ±10 g includes a bias zero offset maximum f ±50 mg, scale factor error of 4,000 pppm (1 sigma), and a frequency response of 50 Hertz.

The CG-5100 achieves employs proprietary algorithms to a fully combined digital gyro and accelerometer output, enabling the system to characterize and correct for the effects of temperature and misalignment, according to KVH. It also offers an adaptable output in a fully digital, user-selectable RS-232/RS-422 format.

KVH Industries, Inc., Middletown, Rhode Island, USA

Jammer Dectector
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