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NovAtel Inc. Announces New OEMStar Models, New SPAN IMU

NovAtel IMU-LCI.jpgSPANS IMU-LCI integrated GNSS/Inertial
May 14, 2010
Inside GNSS, June 2010

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Canadian GNSS OEM manufacturer NovAtel Inc. has introduced five new models to its low cost, L1 OEMStar receiver card product line and four new models to the OEMStar-supported FlexPak-G2 enclosure product line. The Calgary, Alberta–based company has also added a new inertial measurement unit (IMU) option to its SPAN (Synchronous Position, Attitude and Navigation) GNSS/inertial product line.

Four new OEMStar DGPS models support the transmission of differential code corrections and are available in GPS and GPS-plus-GLONASS versions, supporting 1Hz and 10Hz data rates and designed to enable a customer to develop differential GNSS base station applications. These models are also available in the new FlexPak-G2 enclosure for those customers looking for a rugged integrated solution.

The fifth new OEMStar model, a right-angle RF connector variant, is intended for customers who have tighter space restrictions within their product design. The right angle connector allows the antenna cable to be plugged into the side of the card, thus reducing overall integration height.

The new OEMStar models are available now through direct sales and NovAtel’s global network of distributors. More information on OEMStar is available online at <>.

For its SPAN product family, NovAtel has launched the IMU-LCI, which contains a Northrop Grumman sensor that provides the low noise and stability required for applications requiring precise positioning and attitude.

The IMU-LCI is a tactical-grade IMU with fiber-optic gyros and micromechanical accelerometers. According to NovAtel, the low noise and highly stable sensor characteristics of both the gyros and the accelerometers make this sensor appropriate for airborne and ground survey applications. IMU-LCI is compatible with the latest SPAN receiver products, including the SPAN-SE enclosed receiver system and the SPAN-MPPC receiver card-stack.

With IMU components manufactured in Europe, and final assembly occurring in Canada, the company says that its new IMU is not subject to the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) export restrictions, but only requires Canadian export approvals.

First shipments of IMU-LCI IMUs will take place in June 2010. For more information on the IMU-LCI, go to <>.

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