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Gérard Lachapelle, Professor Emeritus, held the CRC/iCORE Chair in Wireless Location and is a former head of the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

During the past two decades, Prof. Lachapelle has built up the University of Calgary research group to be one of the top academic GNSS groups in the world.

He has been involved with GNSS since 1980, and has received numerous awards for his contributions in the area of differential kinematic GPS and indoor location.

As a result of his work, several software packages have been developed and are being licensed to industrial and government groups through University Technologies International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Calgary.

The many applications of satellite positioning in which Dr. Lachapelle has been involved include precision farming, aircraft-to-aircraft positioning, vehicular navigation, shipborne positioning and attitude determination.

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