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Mark Petovello


Mark Petovello is a professor in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

He is a contributing editor to Inside GNSS who coordinates the column, “GNSS Solutions.”

He has been actively involved in many aspects of positioning and navigation since 1997, including GNSS algorithm development, inertial navigation, sensor integration, and software development.

From 2003 to 2005, Dr. Petovello led the University of Calgary’s Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (JPALS) research that included a seminal assessment of the amount of flexure experienced upon an aircraft carrier at sea using GPS and inertial sensors, and he led the development of a novel algorithm for assessing the probability of correct ambiguity resolution for geometry- based positioning strategies.

He supervised the execution of a research contract with a major automobile manufacturer in which low-cost, onboard sensors are used for centimeter-level positioning. Part of this work resulted in a patent filing in 2006.

Since 2005, Dr. Petovello led the group’s software-based receiver development effort with a focus on carrier phase tracking under degraded signal environments. As part of this, Dr. Petovello developed a new algorithm to improve the processing efficiency of software-based receivers by 25 percent. He filed a patent on this algorithm in 2006.

In 2006, he received the U.S. Institute of Navigation Early Achievement Award, given to individuals who have made outstanding achievements earlyin their career in the art and science of navigation. 

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