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José-Ángel Ávila-Rodríguez’s Favorite Equation

José-Ángel Ávila-Rodríguez’s Compass Points

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Engineering Specialities
Galileo signal and code design, frequency management, compatibility and interoperability between different satellite navigation systems (at signal level), GNSS receiver performance and GNSS performance analyses.

His Compass Points

  • My wife Anastasia. Apart from being a wonderful wife and mother, she has been my greatest support since we met each other in Austria in 2001. She has been my polar star these past years.
  • My little daughter Caterina is the new star in my sky. She has brought so much happiness to my life.

Every time I am on business trip away from home I use these two stars to find myself.

Favorite Equation
(See equation at the top of this article)
It describes in the frequency domain the spectral separation  between an interfering signal, defined by its spectrum Gi(f), and a desired signal, described by Gd(f), in a receiver of bandwidth βr. This expression is the counterpart of the cross-correlation function between the desired and the interfering signal when Parseval´s theorem is applied in the time domain.

Fell in Love with GNSS …
While I was working on my diploma thesis, I was really amazed at the complexity of a system such as GPS, and I wanted to understand how different systems sharing the same narrow spectrum could work without harmfully interfering with each other. Given the very scarce spectrum allocation that satellite navigation enjoys today, this is still a major and partially unresolved issue for satellite navigation.

Events That Most Signify GNSS has Arrived
GPS and GLONASS are in the process of modernizing their systems, and Europe has already launched two experimental satellites. Compass is knocking on the door and GINS (Global Indian Navigation System) could also become reality at some time. The next years are going to be a real challenge, but if we do it well, users will benefit from a huge constellation of interoperable satellites.

Patents Held
I am one of the inventors of the European implementation of the MBOC modulation that GPS and Galileo agreed to in 2007, for transmitting on the future E1 OS and L1C services. The European version is called CBOC and will be transmitted at least by Galileo.

Favorite Non-GNSS Activities
My favorite hobby when I am not at work is to go out with my family and friends.  I also like reading and walking.

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