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Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor EAC 030110.jpg
Senior Systems Engineer, GPS Operations Support, The Boeing Company
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

John V. "Jack" Taylor is Boeing senior systems engineer, GPS Operations Support, at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado.

He is a Kalman filter expert with a long history as a GPS navigation performance analyst and spacecraft mission planner. He has worked on GPS Block I, Block II, IIA, IIF and IIR satellite projects.

Jack Taylor began his GPS engineering career in 1987 as a United States Air Force officer working on Block I and Block II satellites at Falcon Air Force Station (now Schriever AFB).

He specialized in Kalman filter optimization and GPS-INS integration sequences as a doctoral student in astronautical engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology, where he had received a master's degree in astronautical engineering.

After retiring from the USAF in 1992, he joined Rockwell GPS Block II/IIA Operations support staff and was selected as the Master Control Station expert in ephemeris and clock processing (Kalman filter).

In 1994, he became part of Lockheed Martin's GPS IIR Operations support staff and was orbit mission planner for GPS IIR launches.

Taylor joined his present company, Boeing, in 1998. He developed the navigation performance analysis capability for the GPS IIA/IIF Operations support staff. He has been involved in the evolution and transitions of system architectures and advised GPS chief engineers on technical matters. He was the IIF orbit mission planner.

He developed the procedures and operations for the planning support for the launch and early orbit mission of the GPS IIF spacecraft and now is supporting mission assurance and systems integrations for the first GPS IIF launch.

He received his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Auburn University (Alabama, USA). He is also the author of numerous technical papers on GPS performance.

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