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January/February 2006

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Cover Story

Sonic Boon: Head Tracking for 3D Audio Using a GPS-Aided MEMS IMU

Spatial orientation plays a critical role in aviation, especially under conditions of instrument flight rules. The ability to detect the direction of an aircraft’s heading, the ground, an airfield, and approaching aircraft is particularly challenging at night or in stormy weather. This article describes ongoing work to develop a GPS/IMU-based head tracking system to provide 3D audio cues that can help pilots orient themselves in adverse circumstances.


Bold Advice: Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on GPS

U.S. military leaders asked a group of scientific and political experts to take a long, hard look at the Global Positioning System, its management, and its prospects in a changing GNSS world. They got an earful. Now it's up to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to sort things out.

GNSS Trilogy 2006

Our Story Thus Far

What a strange trip it's been for the world's leading global navigation satellite systems. Now a pioneer struggles to stay ahead, a former contender stages a comeback, and the new kid on the block puts some unexpected twists into an old plot.

GNSS World

What in the World Is the UN Doing About GNSS?

After six years of deliberations and regional workshops, the United Nations has fostered the creation of an International Committee on GNSS to promote the benefits of space-based positioning, navigation, and timing — particularly in developing nations.

Working Papers

Figure 18: Galileo Altimetry Using AltBOC and RTK Techniques

Technical Article

Limits of Compatibility: Combining Galileo PRS and GPS M-Code

Although Galileo operates wholly under civil control, it does include encrypted signals, including those of the Public Regulated Service or PRS, which are broadcast near the new GPS military M-code signals at the L1 frequency. In light of a continuing interest in combined use of M-code and PRS, this article examines some of the technical issues surrounding the subject.

Working Papers

Tables 1, 2 & 3: Galileo Altimetry Using AltBOC and RTK Techniques

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

GNSS Interoperability

Achieving a Global System of Systems or “Does Everything Have to Be the Same?”

Part of the rationale for building additional GNSS systems, in addition to the motive of political sovereignty, is the argument that a single system is not able to meet all the requirements for use in challenging application environments such as large cities and mountainous terrain. In the end, our answer to the question of GNSS compatibility and interoperability also answers the question of whether GNSSes are complementary or competitive and mutually exclusive systems.

GNSS Solutions

Reference Systems, UTC Leap Second, and L2C Receivers?

Thinking Aloud

Turning Point

A new age of the Global Navigation Satellite System

Slowly, steadily, but with an ever-growing momentum, GNSS-driven applications of accurate time and location are entering the popular imagination. Today, hundreds of millions of people are walking around with GPS receivers in their pockets — whether they know it or not. And literally billions are benefiting from the myriad uses to which the technology is being put.

360 Degrees
New Products
19 • Receiver Technology

Maxim GPS

20 • Receiver Technology

Navman Jupiter 20

21 • Receiver Technology

GPS Creations GPS1005

23 • Receiver Technology

Septentrio GeNeRx1

25 • Receiver Technology

Sony Electronics GXB5005

26 • Receiver Technology

NovAtel OEMV-1

27 • Navigation & Guidance

Crossbow Technology NAV420

28 • Navigation & Guidance

Honeywell GG1178 MEMS

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