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April 2006

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Cover Story

On Target: Offshore Scoring of Precision Guided Munitions

Using Tactical Acoustic Realtime Geolocation System

An off-shore firing range in the middle of an expanse of featureless ocean. Precision guided munitions. Microsecond margins of error. The objective: measuring test results with meters of accuracy in real-time. How are you going to do it? An array of acoustic sensors on buoys, RTK GPS, and precisely timed triangulation. Here’s their story.


Geodesy and Satellite Navigation

A Lighthearted Look at a Strange Relationship

GNSS satellites orbit around the Earth. That about says it all, right? Not quite. Professor Ashkenazi puts on two hats and declaims on a subject of gravity - with a little levity.

GPS Help Line

The New GPS Operations Center for Warfighters

The commander of a new operational support facility located near the GPS Master Control Station is employing off the shelf software solutions to help military personnel in t he field anticipate the performance of their GPS equipment under a variety of conditions.


More about the centers that provide a port of entry for any GPS user on the globe

Today, three centers of excellence —
the GPSOC, the NAVCEN, and the FAA’s National Operations Control Center (NOCC) — privately referred to as the Big Three, provide a supporting “port of entry” to any GPS user on the globe.

Technical Article

Builders Notes: Russian GLONASS at the Stage of Active Implementation

The chief designers of Russia's modernized GLONASS-M satellite provide a look at the new capabilities being brought on line at the world's second-oldest GNSS.

Technical Article

Using Maps as Automotive Sensors

Driver Assistance and Awareness Applications

GNSS is all about positioning, sure. But for most automotive applications we need a map to help make sense of the GNSS data. A mapbase, however, can be more than a static background for location. Applied dynamically, map data can act as a sensor, providing context and situation awareness to in-vehicle systems and drivers.

Columns & Editorials
GNSS Solutions

Adaptive Antenna Arrays, Multi-GNSS Tropospheric Monitoring, and High-Dynamic Receivers

Thinking Aloud

Bring Out the Galileo ICD

The much-needed release of the Galileo Interface Control Document

Over the last couple of years, a series of papers coauthored by members of the European Commission (EC) Galileo Signal Task Force have laid out elements of the frequency plan and signal structure: RF bands, lengths and types of codes, data rates, and so forth. What had remained missing were the Galileo codes and the navigation message structure.

Working Papers

GNSS Meteorology on Moving Platforms

Advances and Limitations in Kinematic Water Vapor Estimation

Over the years, researchers have advanced the use of GPS receivers to measure water vapor content in the troposphere and model its effects on signal propagation. However, these techniques typically employ stationary GPS receivers. This column describes a method for measuring water vapor by GPS receivers on moving platforms and determining the associated atmospheric effects.

360 Degrees
New Products
35 • Portable Devices

HP iPAQ rx1950 Navigator

36 • Portable Devices

E-Ten G500 Pocket PC Phone

37 • Tracking Systems


38 • Integrated Technology

GlobalSat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS

39 • GNSS-Related Hardware

Interstate Electronics FaSTAP

Jammer Dectector
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