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January/February 2007

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Cover Story

Pedestrian Navigation

Hybridization of MEMS and Assisted GPS

Inertial sensors can help keep us on track indoors when we’re out of reach of GNSS. But if we can model how people walk, it makes it all much more worthwhile . . . and accurate. Here’s how one group is doing it in Switzerland.

Human Engineering

Allison Kealy: The Remarkable Art of the Possible

GNSS has lead Allison Kealy from a small island, her birthplace in Trinidad, to the world’s largest: Australia. In the former, she was a nascent surveyor; in the latter, the first female academic appointee in the University of Melbourne’s Geomatics department.

GNSS World

GPS: The Way Ahead

Transforming policy into programs and progress challenges the
leadership of any organization. But when the effort involves a global
infrastructure, international relations, national interagency
cooperation, and multiple civil/commercial/military users—as GNSS
systems do–the task becomes even more complex. The director of the U.S.
agency charged with implementing a new presidential directive affecting
GPS describes how that's being done.

Technical Article

Designing the World's Smallest

Integrated Navigation System for Micro Aerial Vehicles

A micro aerial vehicle—a tiny, unmanned aircraft—needs a similarly sized navigation system. this one, designed and built by an engineering team from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, could be the world's smallest.

Technical Article

Rescue Mission: GPS Applications in an Airborne Maritime Surveillance System

Airborne search and rescue missions at sea pose a set of challenging technical and operational requirements to meet the life-critical application involved. These require specialized navigation and flight management capabilities that, in turn, support a variety of other surveillance sensors and functions. A team of German engineers describe a system developed by their company to meet these requirements.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

Envisioning a Future: GNSS System of Systems, Part 1

It's not too early to begin thinking about what a multisystem GNSS might look like and mean for users, receiver manufacturers, and service providers.

Thinking Aloud

The China Syndrome

The puzzling future of China’s Compass

The scale of a nation’s endeavors tells us a lot about the scope of its ambitions. If Compass/Beidou remains a national or regional system, its significance and the intentions behind it are similarly limited. If Compass becomes a global navigation satellite system, we can assume that its sponsor’s ambitions have a similar scope. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on the latter outcome.

GNSS Solutions

Weighting GNSS Observations and Variations of GNSS/INS Integration

360 Degrees
Industry View
New Products
61 • Receiver Technology

Deimos Space GRANADA Software Simulator

62 • Receiver Technology

e-Ride Opus III AGPS chipset

63 • Receiver Technology

EADS Astrium AGPR-5010 GPS receiver

64 • Receiver Technology

Thales Aerospace GNSS 1000S

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