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September 2010

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Cover Story

Help from Above

Flight Testing Two Alternatives to Ground-Based DGPS

Boeing Company researchers collected real-time airborne position data during extensive flight tests on Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft using high-precision commercial satellite-based positioning systems rather than with traditional differential GPS techniques — and it worked.

Technical Article

Level Crossing Rate Estimation (LCRE)

A New Technique for Finding GNSS Carrier-to-Noise Ratios

Finnish researchers propose a new carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) estimation method — an important metric in GNSS receiver operation — based on use of the level crossing rate of a receiver’s correlation function.

Technical Article

GNSS Simulators

Part 2: Everything you wanted to know...but were afraid to ask

The second part of this article on simulators and simulator techniques and testing examines simulator designs, specification requirements for different types of equipment tests, and whether a specific simulator design is suitable for a particular test. See Part 1 in the July-August 2010

Technical Article

GPS IIF-1 Satellite

Antenna Phase Center and Attitude Modeling

Distances between GNSS satellites and user equipment are measured from the antenna phase centers of the transmitting antenna. However, phase centers vary among types and generations of spacecraft and the calculation requires knowledge of orientation or attitude. A European Space Operations Center researcher  analyzed the initial performance of the first GPS Block IIF space vehicle and found some expected — and unexpected — results.

Columns & Editorials
Working Papers

A Search for Spectrum

GNSS Signals in S-Band, Part 1

Frequency allocations suitable for GNSS services are getting crowded. System providers face an ever tougher job as they try to bring on new signals and services while maintaining RF compatibility and, in some cases, spectral separation. This two-part column explores the possibility, advantages, and disadvantages of using allocations in a portion of the S-band spectrum.

Thinking Aloud

The Missing ICD

Awaiting the publication of the Compass/Beidou ICD

Release of an ICD would be good for both the Compass program and the community of GNSS receiver designers and end users who are looking for the additional signal resources that the Chinese system can bring.

GNSS Solutions

A Fully Digital Model for Kalman Filters

What about fully digital state models for Kalman filters? Columnist Mark
Petovello asks Letizia Lo Presti, Marco Rao and Simone Savasta for the

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform

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