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May 2010

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Cover Story

One Fine Day at the DLR

Exploring the German Aerospace Center

The German Aerospace Center at Oberpfaffenhofen is the national space agency’s Center of Excellence for Satellite Navigation — and a key player in Europe’s Galileo operations. Inside GNSS visited recently and discovered why: quadrotors, GBAS demonstrator, the Galileo Control Center, advanced GNSS receivers, and the world’s largest, slow-motion Tilt-a-Whirl.

GNSS Forum

GPS: The Present Imperfect

Why we should stop taking GNSS for granted, start worrying about signal failure and malicious jamming, and do something about it!

For all its remarkable
capability and accomplishments, the Global Positioning System —and, by extension, all GNSS
— appear increasingly vulnerable to malicious jamming. A UK radionavigation
expert outlines the hazards, field test results, and a possible remedy
enhanced Loran. Last is a PNT consulting engineer and former head of the
Radio-Navigation Group at the University of Wales.

Technical Article

SLAM Dance

GNSS/Intertial-Aided Location and Mapping Indoors

Imagine walking into a new place — a shopping mall or an office
building — wandering around for 20 minutes or so, and coming out with a
map of the facility that others could use to navigate through it — say,
a fire rescue crew or someone looking for an office suite.  A team of
researchers at the German Aersopace Center are working on a
“walk-about” solution that uses GPS to initialize the beginning of the
traverse and tie the position data to an absolute coordinate frame. Foot-mounted inertial sensors increase the map accuracy when a person
revisits previous points in the building.

Technical Article

Taking Positioning Indoors

Wi-Fi Localization and GNSS

Achieving robust, reliable positioning in GNSS signal-challenged environments has long represented a kind of Holy Grail. One promising approach combines GNSS with terrestrial systems using existing wireless infrastructures. One company successfully used GPS and Wi-Fi and now Its technology is incorporated into a wide range of mobile “connected” platforms, including Apple’s iPhone and iPod.

Enter Your GNSS App in the USA Challenge by July 31!

A brand-new regional contest in the 2010 European Satellite Navigation Competition

Enter your original applications product or service in the USA Challenge, the newest regional contest in the 2010 European Satellite Navigation Competition. Win cash, an Inside GNSS cover story and free consultation with the
University of Calgary PLAN group

GNSS Solutions

is on holiday and will return in the June 2010 issue.

Working Papers

is on holiday and will return in the June 2010 issue.

Letters: TIMATION Developer's Honor Draws Fire

Brad Parkinson and Richard Easton respond to the Inside GNSS news article on the first satellites to fly atomic clocks, Roger Easton and the origins of GPS

Easy Suite II: easy16

Comparing GPS Precise and Broadcast Ephemerides

Our series continues with easy16, an analysis of the
information available from a single set of GPS satellite signal
that can provide an insight into the nature of GPS error sources, the
ones that
matter most, and the ways that these can be modeled or eliminated.

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

ICDs — Another Good Example

A crucial milestone for the Galileo program and the GNSS community

Release of the Galileo OS SIS ICD marks the resolution of a complex
political process, and does so by coming down on the side of
transparency, non-exclusivity, and maximum public benefit.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform

Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Iqualuit, Nunavut; Western Europe; Afghanistan; Satish, Dhawan space center; Perth

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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