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March/April 2010

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Cover Story
Technical Article

1 Antenna, 3 Dimensions

GPS Flight Control in UAV Operations

Researchers at Seoul National University have developed a low-cost automatic flight control system for an unmanned aerial vehicle based on a single-antenna GPS receiver.

Human Engineering

José-Ángel Ávila-Rodríguez: Dreaming of Satellites

This Spanish engineer’s work combines signal design with international diplomacy to make sure the GNSSes all get along.

Technical Article

Wide-Area RTK

High Precision Positioning on a Continental Scale

Real-time corrections at the decimeter level over an entire continent? The challenge lies in minimizing the ranging errors from signals propagating through the Earth’s atmosphere. European researchers describe how it can be done using a Wide Area Real-Time Kinematic concept.

Columns & Editorials
GNSS Solutions

How Is Solar Activity Predicted and How Can Predictions Be Used With GNSS?

Thinking Aloud

Service and Security

The vulnerability of our timing and transportation infrastructure

The Volpe report came out on the day before 9/11/01. Now we’ve blown
through another nine years without really addressing the issue. And if
Volpe repeated its study today, only assessing the effects of the
vulnerability of the world’s timing infrastructure as well as
transportation . . . well, no one really wants to think about that. And
so nothing has really been done about it.

Working Papers

Ready to Navigate!

A Methodology for the Estimation of the Time-to-First-Fix

What leads to delays in a receiver’s initial position fix and how do you estimate  the TTFF for different GNSS signals and receiver start conditions? Includes detailed simulation results for GPS and Galileo signals.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS data points and factoids to amuse and inform

Grand Portage Reservation, Minnesota; Detroit; Evryy-Courcouronnes, France; Moscow; Baikonur spaceport; New Delhi; Mertz Glacier

News Updates

A Closer Look at the GPS OCX Contract

Coordination with GPS III An Issue

Raytheon's investment in its Aurora operation, with its architecture
and system-integration engineering focus, has paid off. But
coordination of ground control and GPSIII satellite development efforts
still has to be refined.

Bernard Gruber to Assume USAF GPS Wing Command: New Direction in Store?

Several aspects of Gruber’s background suggest that a change in
perspective and style could accompany his tenure at the key acquisition
organization for the U.S. Global Positioning System.

360 Degrees
Jammer Dectector
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