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Chronos Launches GPS Interference Monitor

Chronos CTL3500_lo.jpg
July 10, 2009
Inside GNSS, July/August 2009

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Chronos Technology, of Lydbrook, Gloucstershire, United Kingdom, has introduced its CTL3500 Interference Monitor, a low-cost, handheld, battery-operated device designed to detect the presence of too much GPS power or non-GPS signals and interference broadcasting on the L1 channel.

The CTL3500 uses low noise signal amplification with precision SAW filters and logarithmic detection. The filtering and detection techniques check for unwanted signals within the center of the L1 frequency widely used by GPS receivers. The unit detects interference on the band regardless of what waveform or modulation scheme is used and indicates the level on the five light-emitting diode (LED) displays and cadenced vibrator.

Designed for operations and support engineers to assess GPS antenna installations, the CTL3500 can be used to check roof-top installations for interference from other sources and adjacent GPS antennas. The instrument can also detect whether a GPS signal is being accidentally rebroadcasted from a poorly made or corroded cable, connector, or antenna assembly.

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