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CellGuide has introduced the RAMON, a 5.4 x 4.6 x 1.1–millimeter GPS module, containing the company’s ACLYS chip and an RF chain, which together with its associated host-based software, is targeted at mass-market device manufacturers. According to CellGuide, RAMON requires only three external passive components and input from the host’s TCXO for full GPS operation, both autonomously and in assisted-GPS (AGPS) mode with -160 dBm sensitivity. A power-management design reduces power consumption to less than 10 milliwatts in tracking mode and 20 microwatts in standby mode. A 16-channel L1 C/A-code receiver, the RAMON has a reported tracking sensitivity of –160 dBm and acquisition sensitivity of –155 dBm (aided) to –147 dBm (autonomous). The L1 RF front-end receives the RF signal from a GPS antenna, and outputs raw data to the internal GPS co-processor, which then processes it and sends the output to the CellGuide software located on the host CPU. The CellGuide software outputs a standard NMEA string. Host requirements include a digital signal processor or ARM 9-, 9E- or 11E-based processor such as the Freescale MX, Marvell XScale, NEC MP series, Samsung S3C24XX or S3C64XX, SH-Mobile, or TI DSP and OMAP. CellGuide Ltd., Rehovot, Israel.

Jammer Dectector
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