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EASY Suite I Topics

Sidebar to technical article "The GPS EASY Suite II"

Suite Sidebar.jpgSky plot including all GPS satellites for a period of 24 hours at a given position. The elevation mask is 10 degrees.

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The original Easy Suite, which can be found online at, dealt with the following issues:

•    EASY1 time conversion
•    EASY2 computation of a satellite’s position from an ephemeris
•    EASY3 computation of a receiver’s position from pseudoranges
•    EASY4 computation of a baseline from pseudoranges alone
•    EASY5 computation of a baseline from pseudoranges and phase observations using a least-squares solution
•    EASY6 the same, but now using a Kalman filter for the baseline estimation
•    EASY6e the same, but introducing down-weighting of older observations
•    EASY7 estimation of receiver clock offset
•    EASY8 check of cycle slips and receiver clock reset
•    EASY9 various coordinate representations of a given baseline
•    EASY10 estimation of ionospheric delay for the individual satellites

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