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February 18, 2013

NovAtel Offers MEMS IMU for GNSS SPAN Integration

NovAtel Inc., has announced the addition of a new commercially exportable MEMS IMU (microelectromechanical inertial measurement unit) to its line of SPAN GNSS/INS products.

Available for immediate shipping, the MEMS IMU is supplied by Analog Devices (Norwood, Massachusetts) and is exclusive to NovAtel. It can be paired with an OEM6 receiver card to provide continuously available position, velocity, and attitude (roll, pitch, yaw) in a small, single-unit form factor.

Ventures • February 1, 2013

Hemisphere GPS Sells Non-Agricultural Operations to Chinese Company

[Updated February 4, 2013] Hemisphere GPS Inc. moved closer to a final exit from the OEM GNSS space yesterday (January 31, 2013) by signing a definitive agreement to sell the business assets associated with its non-agricultural operations to the Canadian subsidiary of Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd., which will operate under the name  The cash sale price was $14.96 million.

Ventures • January 22, 2013

AFRL Selects Surrey Satellite US to Evaluate Small Satellite Approach to GPS

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has selected Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC (SST-US), of Englewood, Colorado, to investigate cost reduction and augmentation of the current GPS constellation through the application of a small satellite approach.

AFRL has contracted with SST-US to identify and analyze how small satellites can improve aspects of GPS system performance, such as accuracy, coverage, and robustness at costs far below those of past procurements.

January 19, 2013

UrsaNav to Buy Megapulse Assets including Loran-C and GPS Backup Candidate eLoran

UrsaNav, Inc. has finalized an agreement to acquire the assets of Loran-C pioneer Megapulse, Inc., of Bedford, Massachusetts, with the transaction expected to close this quarter.

Megapulse's general area of business is low-frequency (LF)
radionavigation, position-fIxing, orientation, and time transfer
systems, with primary product and service lines in Loran and enhanced
Loran (eLoran). Since the 1970s, all Loran transmitter systems installed
were of Megapulse design.

New Builds • January 16, 2013

NovAtel Announces New BeiDou Capability for Its GNSS Products

NovAtel has announced support for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System on its OEM6 family and selected OEMStar GNSS receivers.

The long-anticipated BeiDou Interface Control Document (ICD) release is a
significant milestone that facilitates global acceptance of the Chinese
GNSS system into the growing range of satellite-based positioning
applications, the company says.

January 15, 2013

Lockheed Martin Receives GPS Control Sustainment Contract

The U.S. Air Force Space Command has awarded Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions–Defense a $100 million contract to upport the GPS ground control segment. The contract's period of performance is from January 2013 through June 2019.

New Builds • January 12, 2013

Spirent Adds BeiDou Capability to Its GNSS Simulators

Spirent Communications has announced the availability of test systems with support for China’s BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in addition to GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo.

Spirent’s positioning and navigation group based in Paignton, United Kingdom, started shipping BeiDou-ready test systems to customers in 2012. The company’s equipment will now be upgraded to full BeiDou capability using the information from the recently released first full issue of the BeiDou-2 Signal-In-Space Interface Control Document (ICD).

New Builds • January 11, 2013

VectorNav Supplies IMU for Unmanned Innovation Autopilot Development Platform

Unmanned Innovation, a provider of development platforms for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), has partnered with VectorNav Technologies to integrate VectorNav's VN-100 inertial measurement unit (IMU) into Unmanned Innovation’s os-Series Autopilots.

The VN-100 uses the same base IMU components (gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer) that are used to support the VN-200 GPS-aided integrated navigation system surface-mount chip that VectorNav introduced at this year’s Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) North America conference.

Events • January 9, 2013

All Over the World: 2013 GNSS conferences

2013 opens with a new event in Hawaii, a rescheduled Munich Summit, and other familiar technical meetings, workshops, exhibitions, and GNSS-oriented activities.

Events • January 8, 2013

Receiver standards? January 22 webinar discusses why, what and how

Do we need performance specs for GNSS user equipment design? For a long time, the signal-in-space interface guidelines provided enough technical guidance. But times have changed.

Over the past two years, the effort by LightSquared to persuade the FCC to allow it to operate high-powered terrestrial transmitters in frequencies adjacent to GPS focused attention on potential vulnerabilities of GNSS user equipment.

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