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Ventures • November 14, 2014

Inside GNSS, Inside Unmanned Systems Cited for Editorial Excellence

Folio has named two issues of Inside GNSS and Inside Unmanned Systems magazines as finalists for its 2014 Eddie and Ozzie awards for editorial and design excellence.

New Builds • November 14, 2014

Topcon Engineers Track New GLONASS Signal

Topcon Positioning Group has announced that its latest GNSS reference receiver has tracked a new signal from the GLONASS constellation.

The GLONASS-M 55 satellite was launched in June and is equipped
with an experimental payload capable of transmitting CDMA signals in the
Russian GNSS system's L3 frequency band centered at 1202.025 MHz. According to the company, Topcon engineers successfully tracked the signal using the NET-G5
receiver during a series of recent tests at the Topcon Technology Center
in Moscow, Russia.

New Builds • November 6, 2014

Tallysman Launches Smart GPS-GLONASS Antenna

Tallysman has introduced the TW5340 “smart” antenna that pairs Tallysman‘s Accutenna technology with STMicroelectronics’ Teseo II GNSS receiver.

The TW5340 is a multi-constellation GNSS antenna that provides simultaneous GPS/GLONASS/SBAS reception and is designed for use in professional grade applications such as precision timing, network synchronization, or low-current  and tracking/positioning applications.

New Builds • November 6, 2014

u-blox Introduces Tiny Multi-GNSS Module

Swiss-based u‑blox launched its new EVA‑M8M stand-alone positioning module today (November 6, 2014), bringing concurrent multi-GNSS capabilities into the company’s compact EVA footprint.

New Builds • October 29, 2014

KCS Launches OEM TraceME Tracking Module

KCS bv, based in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, has introduced the newest OEM addition to its family of TraceME products, the TM-202LAR, a GPS/RF/GSM module intended for incorporation into products and systems used for tracking people, vehicles, and objects.

Measuring 46x21x6.5 millimeters and weighing seven grams, the low-power TM-202LAR incorporates a 48-channel CSR SiRFstar-IV GSD4e GPS L1 receiver, GPRS/GSM modem (QUAD band version) for RF connectivity up to two kilometers (1.2 miles), and a 3D magnetic compass and 3D accelerometer the operates at up to 16g.

New Builds • October 16, 2014

Raytheon UK Announces Upgraded GPS Anti-Jam Technology

Raytheon UK launched a new enhanced version of its battlefield GPS L1/L2 anti-jam (GPS-AJ) capability, Landshield, this week (October 13–15) at the annual conference of the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA 2014) in Washington, D.C.

A multi-element antenna with the anti-jam processing in a single small “one-box” form factor that interfaces at the RF level, Landshield is designed to enable GPS equipment to function unimpaired against a full range of hostile jammer types including narrow band, broadband, continuous wave, pulse, swept, and spectrally matched.

October 8, 2014

UAVs at INTERGEO: Applanix, Others Announce GNSS-Guided Systems

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are getting a lot of attention this week at the INTERGEO conference and exhibition in Berlin, Germany, where a special session on Tuesday (October 7, 2014), “UAVs in Practice,” focused on their use in airborne surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, and other commercial or civil applications.

New Builds • October 7, 2014

OxTS Offers Lightweight INS OEM Board

Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd. (OxTS) has announced its first inertial navigation OEM board set with integrated GNSS — the xOEM500, which the company is promoting at this week’s (October 7–9, 2014) Intergeo trade show in Berlin, Germany.

New Builds • October 1, 2014

VectorNav Introduces Dual-Antenna GPS/Inertial MEMS Unit

VectorNav Technologies, now based in Dallas, Texas, offers the VN-30, a miniature dual GPS-aided inertial navigation system that combines MEMS inertial sensors, two high-sensitivity GPS receivers, and an onboard extended Kalman filter algorithms to provide estimates of position, velocity, and orientation for industrial applications.

New Builds • September 20, 2014

UnicoreComm Offers GPS/BeiDou Units, One with Integrated Inertial MEMS

Unicore Communications, Inc. offers the UM220-INS, a BeiDou/GPS+inertial MEMS dual system inertial navigation module for in-dash automotive navigation and high-end navigation, and the UB280, a BeiDou/GPS dual-System dual-antenna high precision heading board for precise RTK position and heading.

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