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October 31, 2014

UK eLoran Now in Operation to Back Up GPS

Technology to counter the threat of GNSS jamming is now available at Dover and along the east coast of the United Kingdom as the island nation continues to implement an enhanced Loran (eLoran) system that is setting an example for the world.

October 30, 2014

Under Congressional Pressure, U.S. Agencies Maneuver on eLoran Relaunch, GPS Backup

Prodded by Congress, the federal government is reexamining its decision to abandon eLoran, a network of ground stations capable of supplying essential timing and positioning data to power, phone, and other critical networks if something happed to GPS.

October 30, 2014

Airbus GNSS Engineers Win Top ESNC 2014 Prize

The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) has gone Big Time.

Unlike past years, when product designers and engineers from small- and medium-sized (SME) companies have walked away with the top prize, this year’s overall winner was Airbus Defence & Space (Airbus DS GmbH), a division of the Airbus Group (formerly EADS). Headquartered in France and generating annual revenues of €14 billion, Airbus DS was established last year by the merger of the parent company’s Airbus Military, Astrium, and Cassidian units.

New Builds • October 29, 2014

KCS Launches OEM TraceME Tracking Module

KCS bv, based in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, has introduced the newest OEM addition to its family of TraceME products, the TM-202LAR, a GPS/RF/GSM module intended for incorporation into products and systems used for tracking people, vehicles, and objects.

Measuring 46x21x6.5 millimeters and weighing seven grams, the low-power TM-202LAR incorporates a 48-channel CSR SiRFstar-IV GSD4e GPS L1 receiver, GPRS/GSM modem (QUAD band version) for RF connectivity up to two kilometers (1.2 miles), and a 3D magnetic compass and 3D accelerometer the operates at up to 16g.

October 29, 2014

8th GPS IIF Satellite Launches Successfully

The eighth GPS Block IIF navigation satellite launched successfully today (October 29, 2014) at 1:21 p.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, on board United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket.

Today’s launch, the fourth ULA GPS mission this year, followed the dramatic explosion of an Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket yesterday shortly after launch from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

June 22, 2015 - June 25, 2015
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
July 14, 2015 - July 16, 2015
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
November 17, 2014 - November 19, 2014
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
December 15, 2014 - December 18, 2014
Washington, D.C. Area, USA (Springfield, Virginia)
October 17, 2014

Army Funds GPS M-Code Upgrades as NATO Tackles Interoperability Problems

Pushed by Congress to upgrade to M-code, the U.S. Army is earmarking money for the new capability even as sequestration is forcing programs cuts, according to the service’s top acquisition official.

“We are heading towards the M-code capability,” said Heidi Shyu, assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology. The Army has worked “our S&T (science and technology) pieces,” she said, noting that the Air Force was developing the necessary circuit cards through is Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) program.

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