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Inside GNSS analyzes news from the major programs — with an emphasis on policies, advances, stumbles and course corrections.

May/June 2013

BeiDou Gets Ready for the Global Marketplace

January/February 2011

GNSS Interoperability

Interoperability. How do we turn fiercely independent GNSSes into a system of systems that is more than the sum of its parts? Unilateral? Bilateral? Multilateral? And where do we make it happen — out in space, on the ground, in the receiver?

March/April 2009

What Race? What Competition? The Four GNSS Systems

Despite the best efforts of a Munich conference’s organizers to characterize the four programs as a competitive race, representatives of the world’s GNSS operators insist the it’s all about compatibility and interoperability — well, almost all . . . .

January/February 2009

ICG-3: Friendly Persuasion

Clashing trajectories pressure GNSS providers - but growing commercial markets inspire a search for compatibility at the third plenary meeting of the International Committee on GNSS.

Fall 2008

Galileo’s New Era

Replacement of the Galileo public-private partnership (PPP) approach to building and implementing the system infrastructure, authorization of a final budget to complete a constellation with fully operational capability, and passage of a new regulation on Galileo have resolved most of the roadblocks and removed much of the doubt surrounding the program.

May/June 2008

GLONASS–A New Look for the 21st Century

Russia has an ambitious program in store for its GNSS system: more
signals–including CDMA, a larger constellation, expanded augmentation
system,and modernized ground control and integrity monitoring.

Spring 2008

U.S. PNT Initiative: E Pluribus Unum?

From a distance, it might look easy: the running of a GNSS system by a single country. But in the complex world of U.S. politics, it’s a wonder that anything gets worked out at all. And yet the National Space-Based Positioning,Navigation, and Timing initiative seems to be gaining some traction.

March/April 2008

Europe Readies Galileo Procurement

As they shape a new acquisition plan, leaders of the Galileo project
will soon discover if a public partnership will lead to success.

January/February 2008

China GNSS 101

In December,  details of
the Compass program and plans were discussed for the first time at the
only GNSS conference authorized by China’s government, the Shanghai
Navigation Forum. Editor Glen Gibbons brings back a report on the
current state of satellite navigation in China.

January/February 2008

China Travel Journal

Tour China with a GPS receiver and no street-level map? No problem!

Fall 2007

Galileo: Redirecting a Stuttering Program

Europe's Galileo program continues to struggle through a difficult passage as it looks ahead to crucial meetings of the European Union (EU) transport, economic, and heads of state meeting November and December. The lingering death last spring of the public-private partnership (PPP) threw the program back into the political crucible that has always proved more arduous than the technical challenges.  The political discussion revolves around three different issues: financing, deployment, and governance of the system. Somewhat surprisingly, the third may prove the most substantive.

May/June 2007

Speaking with Authority: Galileo's Lead Agency in a Changing World

New boss in town? The GNSS Supervisory Authority and Galileo.

Spring 2007

GLONASS - The Way Ahead

Russia on the Prowl for Consumer Markets

March/April 2007

Replenishment of the GLONASS Constellation

Successful launch of three modernized GLONASS-M late last year continues the replenishment of Russia’s second-generation navigation satellite system. This article provides as overview of the satellite deployment procedures and plans to accelerate the completion of a modernized GLONASS system.

January/February 2007

GPS: The Way Ahead

Transforming policy into programs and progress challenges the
leadership of any organization. But when the effort involves a global
infrastructure, international relations, national interagency
cooperation, and multiple civil/commercial/military users—as GNSS
systems do–the task becomes even more complex. The director of the U.S.
agency charged with implementing a new presidential directive affecting
GPS describes how that's being done.

January/February 2006

What in the World Is the UN Doing About GNSS?

After six years of deliberations and regional workshops, the United Nations has fostered the creation of an International Committee on GNSS to promote the benefits of space-based positioning, navigation, and timing — particularly in developing nations.

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