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Inside GNSS • May/June 2013


Existing methods for improving the GNSS performance commonly attempt to enhance the signal processing and navigation estimation parts of a single receiver. Such approaches, however, leave unexplored the potential benefits inherent to the integration of data from multiple receivers.

May 1, 2013

BeiDou to Restart Satellite Launches Next Year, Shift B1 Signal Frequency after 2016

China will begin launching BeiDou-2 satellites again in 2013 as it begins its test program for the third generation of the nation’s GNSS program.

After launching 16 satellites since 2007 (including six last year) to establish the current regional constellation with 14 operational satellites and publishing an official interface control document December 27, China called a halt to further launches to evaluate the performance of the system and complete a development plan for the system.

April 2, 2013

IGS Launches Real-Time Service for High-Precision GNSS

The International GNSS Service (IGS), a worldwide federation of agencies involved in high-precision GNSS) applications, has announced the launch of its Real-Time Service (RTS).

The RTS is a global scale GNSS orbit and clock correction service that enables real-time precise point positioning (PPP) and related applications requiring access to IGS low latency products. The RTS is offered in beta as a GPS-only service for the development and testing of applications.

July 16, 2013 - July 18, 2013
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Inside GNSS • March/April 2013

Letters: Get a Start on GNSS Interoperability Now

“The GNSS Quartet” (January-February 2013, Inside GNSS, aptly named and coauthored by Glen Gibbons, Dee Ann Divis, and Peter Gutierrez) is reminiscent of Dr. Brad Parkinson’s observation about “interchangeability” at his ION GNSS 2011 plenary session. With interoperability taken to its logical level of completion, a position solution should be readily obtainable from four satellites, each belonging to a different constellation.

Inside GNSS • March/April 2013

GNSS Hotspots

Cape Canaveral and Plesetsk
√ [updated April 1] After three delays, a single GLONASS-M satellite will go up from Plesetsk space center on April 26. The United States will send up SVN66, the fourth GPSIIF satellite— on an Atlas V launcher for the first time—during the early evening of May 15. It had been delayed from March.

July 22, 2013 - July 24, 2013
Gauteng, South Africa
Events • March 20, 2013

CSNC 2013 Focuses on BeiDou, Applications

The 4th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC 2013) will be held on May 15-17, 2013 in Wuhan, China. It will incorporate a wide range of activities, such as academic exchange, high-level forum, and technical presentations.

A China Satellite Navigation Technology and Application Achievement Exhibition will be held all three days in parallel with the event.

Inside GNSS • March/April 2013

The PNT Boom

The navigation world is booming with new ideas at the moment to meet some of the greatest positioning challenges of our times. To realize demanding applications — such as reliable pedestrian navigation, lane identification, and robustness against interference, jamming and spoofing — we need to bring these different ideas together.

Ventures • February 19, 2013

East Meets West: Hemisphere GNSS's New Era

Although not on the scale or at the strategic level of China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s takeover of Canada’s Nexen Inc., the recent acquisition of the Precise Products business of Hemisphere GPS by Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. marks a notable achievement in the GNSS world — the acquisition of a North American manufacturer with core GNSS receiver intellectual property by a Chinese enterprise.

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