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Brussels View offers a European perspective on GNSS developments, particularly on Galileo.

Columnist Peter Gutierrez is based in Brussels, Belgium and has covered the EU satellite navigation programs from the inside out for several years. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

November/December 2017

Fundamental Rethink for Galileo Commercial Service

The EU stars came out for this year’s European Space Week, a sprawling series of events in the charming city of Tallinn, under the aegis of the Estonian EU Presidency. Featured were a variety of workshops, conferences, ceremonies and information sessions. As a European flagship space program, Galileo was front and center throughout much of the proceedings.

July/August 2017

Answering the Call for a GNSS Back-up

The team behind the new report on the economic impact for the UK of a GNSS disruption says eLoran is an option, a good option, but not the only option to back up GNSS. Meanwhile, concerns about the potential ramifications of a widespread GNSS failure, long expressed by voices in the United States and UK, may now be taking hold in the European Union.

May/June 2017

Galileo in the Here and Now

Once it seemed we were forever bound to speak about Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System in the future tense. It does now feel a bit fantastic to be discussing Galileo’s real performance in the present. But facts are facts – the thing is well and truly working (mostly).

March/April 2017

Bad clocks, Brexit and what’s happening at the European Space Policy Conference

It just wouldn’t seem like a Galileo New Year without a setback to report, but guess what, no setbacks to report. So, for anyone expecting rancor and excuse-making, the Annual Conference on European Space Policy in January was a bit of a let-down.

May/June 2016

The "Brussels View" from Prague

Last October, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) Administrative Board reelected Carlo des Dorides as executive director of the GSA, giving him a second — and final — four-year term in charge of this key agency responsible for supporting the effective operation, maintenance, and security of Europe’s satellite navigation systems. We met with him recently at the GSA office in Prague to learn how he plans to see out his mandate.

January/February 2016

Galileo Themes, Threads and Visions

Europe's space community rang in the New Year with the European Union (EU) Space Policy conference in Brussels and the European Space Agency (ESA) media briefing in Paris, illustrating not only the disposition of materiel and troops but also their intent and even the level of morale.

November/December 2015

International Navigation Gathering Highlights GNSS Advances, Distractions

July/August 2015

ESA and EC at Odds (Again) over Space Governance

March/April 2015

Seriously Seeking a Galileo Service Operator

The GSOP ITT does not look like the old PPP fiasco — it is a very
important, maybe the last, chance for Europe to get serious. About

November/December 2014

EU and Russia: Lost in Space?

May/June 2014

It’s Spring, and EGNOS Is in the Air

November/December 2013

Questions in Wake of New Galileo Delay

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani called directly on ESA Director-General Jean-Jacques Dordain to explain why the latest Galileo launch delay was not anticipated and what ESA intends to do about it.

May/June 2013

Europe Needs Entrepreneurs

Strangely, some of the work being done in Europe, purportedly to help build European competitiveness in the GNSS market, seems to be doing exactly the opposite.

March/April 2013

eCall Rising

eCall is the EU initiative aimed at reducing road casualties by increasing the speed and efficiency of emergency response. It involves a device installed in cars that will automatically dial the EU’s ‘112’ emergency phone number in the event of a serious road accident.

January/February 2013

No Time Like the Present for Europe in Asia

Industry insiders have always known that you don’t need Galileo to make money and create jobs in the GNSS universe. And for many, the center of that universe is rapidly moving towards Asia.

November/December 2012

Galileo Round Up

Galileo satellite problems? Just as when Apple or Microsoft launch their latest phones and pads and operating systems, any new and extremely sophisticated software system is going to discover bugs. On the budget side, while David Cameron may not be happy about the overall budget, no one seems to believe he or anyone else in Britain is going to raise a fuss about the EU GNSS programs.

July/August 2012

Brussels View: Remembrance of Things Past

Can China and Europe Get Over a Failed GNSS Partnership?

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