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About Us

INSIDE GNSS MAGAZINE covers the global navigation satellite systems: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, and related technologies. The printed version of the magazine reaches an international audience of 35,000. More than 10,000 copies go to readers outside the United States.

Inside GNSS provides original and unbiased coverage of the policies, programs, engineering and advanced applications of the GNSS systems and their operators in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, India and Japan. It strictly targets satellite navigation engineers, product designers and system integrators, industry and government leaders.

Inside GNSS
appears in print, as a digital version, and online. The print and digital versions are published six times a year, with editions in January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, and November-December. A free e-newsletter, SIGNALS, goes out twice a month. It features exclusive GNSS news stories, program updates and policy analysis.

All of the Inside GNSS editorial products are free to qualified readers.

The magazine is owned by Gibbons Media & Research LLC, a privately-held company based in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Glen Gibbons, the editor and managing partner, has spent 25 years covering and commenting on GNSS news and developments. He was the founding editor of GPS World, Galileo’s World, and "GPS World Newsletter." He and partner Eliza Schmidkunz launched Inside GNSS in January 2006. 

We edit and publish the magazine from a college town about 100 freeway miles south of Portland, a city of great landscapes and restaurants, with a picturesque active volcano as a backdrop. Find out more at the Inside GNSS Guide to Portland Fun and Frolic!

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Twenty-eight international experts involved in the technical development and policy issues of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Compass/Beidou and the regional satellite navigation systems.

Editor/Publisher Glen Gibbons
Art Director Gwen Rhoads
Circulation Director Peggie Kegel
Contributing Editor for Working Papers Günter Hein (Munich)
Contributing Editor for GNSS Solutions Mark Petovello (Calgary, Alberta)
Contributing Editor for Washington View Dee Ann Divis (Washington DC)
Contributing Editor for Brussels View Peter Gutierrez (Brussels, Belgium)
Technical Editor Fiona Walter (California)
Staff Writer Eliza Schmidkunz
Cover Design/Graphic Artist Christine Waring
Web Development/Design Mike Lee (San Diego, California)
Web Editor Sierra Robinson
Circulation Director Peggie Kegel

Director of Sales and Business Development Richard Fischer

Gibbons Media & Research LLC
Managing Partner Glen Gibbons
Director/Partner Eliza Schmidkunz

Free subscriptions are available to qualified readers who work in GNSS-related companies, organizations, research institutes, government agencies and the military.

Gibbons Media and Research LLC
1574 Coburg Road, No. 233
Eugene, Oregon 97401-4802
Telephone (USA): 408-216-7561
Fax (USA): 408-216-7525

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ISSN 2329 -2970 (Print version ISSN 1559-503X). Inside GNSS,, and are wholly owned by Gibbons Media and Research LLC. The articles and other content on this website are owned, held, or licensed by Gibbons Media and Research LLC and single reprints may be made for personal, non-commercial, and educational use, provided that ownership of the materials is properly cited. Multiple reprints and any commercial use of this material without written permission of Gibbons Media and Research LLC is strictly prohibited. For information about reprints and commercial use, contact Glen Gibbons.

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